Preparing for construction on campus

F:dwgCAMPUS MAP 2013 SINGLE LINE ROADS Layout1 (1)The buzz, clank, and hum of construction are in the air at UAA again this summer as a whole slew of new projects are underway. Students are no strangers to construction as the past several years there has been one project or another taking place. From the ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building to the Health Sciences Building, and now the Alaska Airlines Center, heavy equipment and hard hats are as familiar a sight as moose and snow.  Here is a guide to some big projects that have a big impact on students.

The entire South Lot parking area, AKA the Bookstore parking lot, is almost completely closed off as the start of a brand new engineering building is finally happening. Parking is limited to four rows of parking spots on the East side of the lot. Also, Spirit Way is blocked off, so students must come in from the Seawolf Drive road to access the Bookstore. This project is expected to be complete by May 2015.

The Allied Health Sciences building is getting an inside renovation, an upgrade of mechanical systems, a roof replacement, and a facelift. The building will be closed until the anticipated completion date of August 2013, in time for the fall semester classes.

The Beatrice McDonald Hall dates back to the 1970’s and has been in need of repair. It will receive architectural interior and exterior improvements. The building will be closed starting July 2013 until its completion in November 2014.
After questions over fire safety and recent pipe leaks, the MAC housing will get a complete renovation. The project is currently under review and a start of construction date has not yet been confirmed.