Police Scanner

Sunday, April 1

Fugitive caught while lying around
12:42 a.m. – While on patrol, an officer observed a man lying down at the bus stop on Lake Otis Parkway. The officer stopped to check on him and determined the man had an outstanding warrant out of Kotzebue. The officer arrested the man and transported him to the Anchorage Jail where he was remanded.

Parking lights not OK to drive with

3:05 a.m. – While on patrol on Providence Drive, an officer observed a vehicle operating with parking lights only. The officer pulled over the vehicle and determined that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. The officer arrested the driver and transported him to UPD for processing. A magistrate conducted a telephone bail hearing and released the defendant on his own recognizance to appear in court at a later date.

Vehicle at open lab has open door

12:38 p.m. – A student called reporting an open door on a vehicle parked at the biology lab parking lot. An officer responded and determined that the vehicle belonged to a graduate student using the facility. The door was closed.

Police bounce sleeping man out

11:26 p.m. – While on patrol behind the Diplomacy Building, an officer observed a suspicious man sleeping. The officer contacted the man and told him to leave campus.

Monday, April 2

Behavior deemed not harassing
12:38 p.m. – A student called to report harassment. An officer responded and advised the student that the alleged behavior did not constitute harassment.

Tuesday, April 3

Irritating man kicked out of library

7:43 a.m. – A staff member called to report that a man was irritating patrons and staff at the library. Three officers responded and removed the man from UAA property.

Wednesday, April 4

Hospital runaway gets picked up
11:28 a.m. – Providence Alaska Medical Center security called UPD to report a walk away known to have an outstanding warrant. An officer responded and assisted Anchorage Police Department with the apprehension.

One-man potty partier passes out

3:26 p.m. – A library staff member called to report that a man was passed out in the first-floor handicapped bathroom of the library with a case of beer. Two officers responded, who confiscated and destroyed the beer. The subject was told to leave campus.

Thursday, April 5

Student has parking-garage fall
1:30 p.m. – A handicapped student called and reported that she had fallen out of her vehicle on the third floor of the parking garage. An officer and call team officers responded to assist the student back into her vehicle. The student was not injured.

Friday, April 6

Confused caller dials in a 911
10:13 a.m. – Anchorage Police Department notified UPD of a 911 hang up from the Diplomacy Building. An officer responded and found that someone was trying to make a long-distance phone call.

Vicious file cabinet assaults artist
4:11 a.m. – Anchorage Fire Department called UPD to report a female with a traumatic injury in the Fine Arts Building. An officer responded and found that a file cabinet had fallen onto the woman. The victim had a friend transport her to Providence Alaska Medical Center for treatment.

Scary harasser found trespassing

11:42 p.m. – A housing staff resident advisor called to report that a subject was harassing and scaring residents in areas of East Hall. Two officers responded to investigate. They located the subject and issued a trespass notice. The subject left the area.