Police Scanner

Sunday, Jan. 21

Suspicious subjects find misplaced property
2:22 a.m. – While on patrol an officer observed two subjects in the Alder parking lot acting suspiciously. An officer contacted the subjects, who reported that they had found some property on Sharon Gagnon Lane. The subjects turned the property over to the officer, who brought it to UPD, where it was processed and placed in lost and found.

Drunken guy fingered for vehicle break-ins

3:34 a.m. – UPD received a 911 call reporting that a male was breaking into vehicles in the cedar parking lot. An officer responded and contacted an intoxicated subject in a vehicle. The officer determined the subject to be in violation of Minor Consuming Alcohol. The officer arrested the subject for the offense and issued him a summons to appear for MCA and criminal trespass, then transported the defendant to Community Service Patrol for sleep-off.

Prankster pulls alarm, wastes university time
3:34 a.m. – The fire monitoring system displayed a fire alarm activation at the West Hall. An officer responded with the Anchorage Fire Department and determined someone had pulled the alarm with no cause. A member of the on-call maintenance staff was contacted to reset the alarm.

Two-lane driving ends in one-room cell
3:34 a.m. – While at Lake Otis Parkway and Northern Lights Boulevard, an officer observed a vehicle occupying two lanes of travel and stopped in the intersection. The officer pulled over the vehicle and determined the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol. The officer arrested the driver and transported her to UPD for processing. The subject was then transported to the Anchorage Jail.

Monday, Jan. 22

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Student upset over parking-lot bumper cars
11:35 a.m. – A student called to report that a vehicle had backed into their vehicle at the Eugene Short Hall parking lot. An officer responded to investigate. No citations were issued.

Officers investigate laptop disappearance
12:27 p.m. – A student reported the theft of a laptop computer from their MAC apartment. An officer responded and is investigating. Estimated loss is $1,500.

Student in danger of global beer warming
8:19 p.m. – The resident coordinator on duty called to report a resident’s refrigerator had stopped working. Maintenance was contacted and responded to fix the problem.

Tuesday, Jan. 23

Moose shut down day care center entrance

7:11 a.m. – A staff member called to report that a moose was on the ramp by the Tanaina Day Care entrance. Two officers responded and observed a cow and calf until they moved from the area.

Thief passes on automobile, steals bicycle
2:59 p.m. – A student called to report the theft of a bicycle from their vehicle while it was parked on Residential Drive on Jan. 13. An officer is investigating. Estimated loss is $450.

Wednesday, Jan 24

Clumsy kid sends self to emergency room

8:32 p.m. – The resident coordinator on duty called to report that a student had an accidental self-inflicted injury and needed a ride to a hospital. An officer responded and provided the service.

Thursday, Jan. 25

Bus-stop brawlers

10:15 – A bus driver called to report a disturbance at the bus stop by the Consortium Library on Providence Drive. Three officers responded and determined it was a nonphysical altercation and the parties had separated. One subject was provided a courtesy transport by one of the officers.

Saturday, Jan. 26

Blabbermouth helps to bust boozy bad guy

While on patrol an officer was flagged down and advised of a possible drunk driver. The officer located the vehicle, which was operating with parking lights only, and pulled the subject over. The officer determined the driver under the influence of alcohol. The driver was transported to UPD for processing and then taken to the Anchorage jail.