{Police Scanner}

Sunday, Aug. 27

Officer harshes fish-bowler’s buzz

12:19 a.m. _” While on patrol at the south UAA lot, an officer observed a suspicious vehicle. The officer contacted the occupants and determined that they had been smoking marijuana. The officer arrested the driver for misconduct involving a controlled substance in the sixth degree. The driver was released with a summons to later appear in court and then escorted from the UAA campus.


Officer adds moose-sitting to resume

2:15 p.m. _” The West Hall resident advisor called to report an upset female moose and two young moose on the north side of West Hall. An officer responded and watched over the moose until they went across Residential Street and into the woods.


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Girls falls victim to wetness

2:53 p.m. _” UPD received a call from an emergency phone near housing. An officer responded to investigate and determined three female juveniles were in the area. One had fallen into the creek and another had called UPD. The responding officer saw that all three were OK and observed that they left the area on their bikes.

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates


UAA says no to skateboarding

11:15 p.m. _” Providence security called to report three subjects skateboarding and yelling in front of the library. An officer responded and advised the subjects of the university skateboarding policy. The individuals told the officer they were leaving prior to her arrival.


Monday, Aug. 28


Too drunk to assemble

1:00 a.m. _” The West Hall resident advisor called to report six intoxicated subjects in the lobby. An officer responded to investigate and determined that the subjects were student residents and were of legal age to drink alcohol. The officer advised the students to go to their rooms. The students complied without incident.


UPD pimps student’s ride

11:32 a.m. _” An individual came to UPD to request the use of duct tape to fix a broken window. Two officers responded and helped patch up the window. No crime was reported.


Camouflaged culprit escapes police

9:52 p.m. _” UPD received a call from the west housing beaver pond. The caller reported that there was a male dressed in camouflage in the woods. Two officers responded and checked the area, but the subject was either gone on arrival or too well-hidden to find.


Wednesday, Aug. 30


Nobody at the wheel

12:06 p.m. _” A student called and reported a vehicle parked in the north lot with a door open and no one near it. An officer responded and secured the vehicle. The officer left a message for the owner.


Lost car baffles student

2:40 p.m. _” While on patrol in the north parking lot, an officer was flagged down by a student who could not locate her vehicle. The officer located the vehicle in another lot and transported the student to her vehicle.


Thursday, Aug. 31


Colored headlights lead to blood test

2:04 a.m. _” While on patrol on UAA Drive, an officer observed a vehicle operating with lights in unauthorized colors. The officer pulled over the vehicle and issued the driver a violation. The officer detected an odor of marijuana in the vehicle. The suspect was given a field sobriety test and then arrested. The suspect was transported to UPD for processing, and an APD drug-recognition officer responded. The suspect was then transported to a magistrate where a search warrant was issued for a blood draw. The suspect was transported to UPD where a phlebotomist performed a blood draw. The defendant was then released and provided a transport home. The subject’s vehicle was released to a licensed driver.


Vending machine thief returns to UAA

3:13 a.m., 4:27 a.m. _” The building maintenance supervisor called UPD two successive times to report thefts from vending machines on the first floors of the Professional Studies and Social Sciences Buildings. An officer responded both times and is continuing investigation. APD and Alaska Pacific University security were advised to be alert for the vending machine thief. Aurora Vending was also notified of the theft.