{Police Scanner}

July 5

4:47 a.m. A man contacted University Police Department from an emergency phone on the bike path by west dorm claiming he had been assaulted. The caller was inebriated and could not provide location or pertinent information about the assault. Two officers responded but we unable to locate the complainant after a thorough check of the area.

12:28 p.m. While on patrol in the Alder lot an UPD officer observed the beaver dam overflowing into the parking lot. The officer advised UPD to notify grounds. UPD notified grounds and they advised that they would take care of it.

4:39 p.m. A lady called to report someone slashed the tires on her vehicle while parked in the south lot. An UPD officer responded to investigate and advised the call was unfounded as the flat was caused by a puncture in the tread of the tire.


July 6

12:56 a.m. A man informed UPD that criminal mischief damaged had occurred to his vehicle in the Birch lot. The car tires, ragtop and plastic windows were slashed and the paint on the driver side was scratched. The estimated damage of the vandalism approximated $1,800.


July 7

7:28 p.m. UPD was called about a female possibly having a seizure or an anxiety attack. An officer responded to investigate. UPD called the Anchorage Fire Department and advised of the situation and AFD responded. AFD determined the victim to be stable and allowed her to be released.

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July 8

3:48 p.m. An University of Alaska Anchorage student contacted UPD to request an officer check on two shady males in the Commons who were not a part of any campus activity and making people nervous. An officer responded to the area, contacted the two men, asked them to leave campus and they complied.


July 9

7:44 p.m. Resident advisor in the MAC housing facilities at UAA called the university police to advise of a suspicious male in front of MAC four who appeared to under the influence of drugs. An officer responded and along with the resident advisor contacted the individual. After further investigation the matter was turned over to housing.

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates


July 10

3:43 p.m. The university police were informed of a stolen computer from room 307D in the Business Education Building. An UPD Sergeant responded to investigate the estimated loss of $500.


July 11

8:22 p.m. An UAA staff member reported juveniles skateboarding outside the Sports Center. An officer responded and advised the juveniles of UAA policy for skateboarding and the juveniles left campus.


July 12

12:39 a.m. While investigating criminal mischief to a snack machine in the Arts Building an UPD officer discovered a tampon machine had been broken into in room 208. Another officer responded to investigate.


July 13

6:45 p.m. UPD was informed of an individual using a coat hanger to open a vehicle in the library lot. An officer responded but the individual was no longer in the area.

9:57 p.m. UPD monitored to the Anchorage Police Department radio transmission to attempt to locate a person who had jumped from a vehicle at UAA Drive and Northern Lights Boulevard. Two officers responded to the area and contacted the subject. Responsibility for the scene was transferred over to APD and medics when they arrived.


July 16

8:23 p.m. While on patrol in the storage area UPD observed the east entry door ajar and proceeded to investigate. Another officer arrived to provide backup and upon further investigation the officer’s observed that all five buildings had been broken into.


July 17

11:43 a.m. UPD dispatcher observed a male student either fall or drop out of a chair in the lobby of the Eugene Short Building. The Deputy Chief responded and advised that the student was just waiting for his class to start. No further assistance was needed.

9:42 p.m. UAA maintenance radioed UPD to request an officer respond to the Commons in housing because two males were causing a disturbance regarding fishing regulations. The subjects were gone by the time an officer could respond.


*One moose sighting on July 17 near the main entry of North Hall

Watch your speed!

According to Pete Summers, UPD dispatcher, UAA has had radar gun capability for two or three years, but only recently have speeding tickets become prevalent. Speed signs have been posted in areas aroundcampus including the ESB lot. Deputy and Chief Jim Milne said signs used to not be posted with the speed limit of 20 mph in the campus area. Milne said the signs are now posted in plain view at the entrance of the campus.

"If they don’t see it and it’s posted, then it is their fault not mine, now that it is posted we can hold them to a standard." Milne said.

UAA has recently received a new model radar gun called the Talon Traffic Safety Radar that shoots in both directions and works both mobile and still. Not all the UPD officers have been trained to operate the radar. According to Officer Endecott, Sergeant Swartz is to instruct officers around the middle of Aug. on how to operate the radar gun.

"We just want to keep it safe," Officer Endecott said.