{Police Scanner}

June 28

12:15 a.m. The University of Alaska Anchorage experienced a brief power outage lasting two minutes. Several emergency generators engaged during the outage, but did not shut down when power was restored. UPD contacted maintenance via telephone.

12:42 p.m. APD dispatch called and reported a 911 hang up from the pay phone in the Administration Building. An UPD officer responded and contacted a three-year old and his parent who were responsible for the accidental call.


June 29

11:19 a.m. UPD was informed a male at a picnic table in front of the bookstore was talking to himself very loudly and appeared to be angry. An officer responded and checked the area, but found the subject gone.

1:13 p.m. UPD was again called about a man in the Campus Center who was very angry with himself and possibly mentally ill. The Chief and an officer responded and contacted the individual who was asked to leave campus.


June 30

5:58 a.m. The East Hall desk clerk called UPD and requested assistance with a disturbance involving a taxi driver and a passenger. An officer responded and found a dispute over fare payment that eventually was settled.

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July 1

8:54 p.m. While on patrol at the Gordon Hartlieb Building a UPD officer observed paintball shots on the glass sliding doors of the west exit of the building. The officer advised UPD to call custodians who said they would be there within two hours.


July 2

6:54 a.m. While driving to campus UPD observed a male walking along Providence Drive wearing a hospital gown and acting disoriented. Providence security was contacted and advised the man was just released and did not need further medical attention.

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates


Fourth of July

7:32 p.m. While performing security checks at the BEB, UPD observed three juveniles skateboarding on the steps west of the Sports Center. An officer responded and advised the juveniles of UAA skateboarding policy.

*Caught on RADAR: According to the police scanner four speeders were clocked and cited for speeding violations as a result of UPD using radar.


Can you believe it? No moose sightings were reported this week!