{police scanner]

Sunday, Sept. 18
Out of it

1:56 a.m. _” An East Hall resident adviser reported four subjects outside East Hall were “out of it.” Four responding officers determined all four subjects were drinking alcohol underage, and issued summons to appear before a judge.


Monday, Sept. 19
Loud mouth

2:12 a.m. _” The North Hall resident adviser reported a complaint about an argument between a male and female by the UAA Commons quad. Three responding officers determined the disturbance was only vocal. One subject was transported off campus to stay with family members for the night.


Stolen stereo

2:24 p.m. _” A student reported the theft of a car stereo from the Spruce Lot. Two responding officers determined the theft and damage combined to a total loss of $100.


Tuesday, Sept. 20
Over protection

12:29 a.m. _” A student reported a male was trying to break into a car through the window in the Willow Lot. Two responding officers determined the suspect owned the vehicle and had locked his keys inside. The officers successfully unlocked the car.

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Head injury

10:54 p.m. _” A UPD officer saw a male standing alongside his bike with a head injury near Seawolf Drive. The subject was looking for the Alaska Native Medical Center. The officer gave him a courtesy transport and also transported the subject’s bike to UPD for safekeeping.


Thursday, Sept. 22
Student seizure

3:16 p.m. _” A staff member reported a student having a seizure in the Social Studies Building. A UPD officer and AFD medics responded. The student recovered and the UPD officer transported him to the Lucy Cuddy Hall, where a friend took him home.



7:06 p.m. _” A resident adviser asked a UPD officer to stand by while he contacted a subject in the UAA Commons dining area who’d been restricted from housing. The subject had a misdemeanor warrant. The responding officer arrested the subject and took him to the Anchorage jail.

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Friday, Sept. 23
Flag stealer

8:07 a.m. _” A staff member reported the flag outside the aviation complex was stolen. Estimated loss is $30.


Saturday, Sept. 24
Drunk crash dash

8:03 a.m. _” A student reported a multiple-vehicle accident in the Alder Lot. The responding officers found two cars were hit by the same vehicle. They contacted the vehicle’s owner in West Hall and arrested her for driving under the influence, consuming alcohol underage, being involved in a motor-vehicle accident while consuming alcohol underage and for leaving the scene of an accident. She was eventually transported to the Fourth Avenue jail.


Expensive potty time

7:58 p.m. _” A faculty member reported a stall door in the first-floor men’s room of the Science Building was broken. An officer responded. Estimated damages are $200.