{Police Scanner}

Sunday, April 3

No where to hide

7:12 a.m. APD reported an assault that occurred off campus and said the subject may be a resident on campus. An officer responded to North Hall and arrested a non-student for assault. The individual was transported to jail.


Speeder stopped

8:22 p.m. While on patrol at Alumni Loop, an officer observed a speeding vehicle make an improper lane change. The officer verified the speed with radar and stopped the vehicle. He determined the driver had no proof of insurance and issued the driver citations for the offenses.


Monday, April 4

Drunk driver

12:35 a.m. While on Residential Drive, an officer observed a vehicle driving erratically. He stopped the vehicle and determined the driver was driving under the influence. Another officer responded to assist the officer in arresting the driver and transporting him to UPD for processing.

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Tuesday, April 5

Alcohol-free fun

3:17 a.m.  The North Hall resident advisor reported a possible underage party in a dorm room in North Hall and requested an officer stand by as he checked on the occupants. Two officers responded and determined no one on location had been consuming alcohol. The resident advisor told the subjects to keep the noise down, and they agreed.

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates


Wednesday, April 6

Fast and furious females

11:51 p.m. A concerned citizen requested UPD respond to housing regarding very loud females, music and vehicles racing in the area. The citizen said these activities occurred nightly. An officer responded to investigate but was unable to locate any disturbance.


Thursday, April 7

Not permitted

1:19 a.m. While on patrol at Providence Drive and UAA Drive, an officer observed a vehicle operating with an expired registration. The officer stopped the vehicle and determined the vehicle had a temporary tag. After investigation, the officer determined the driver had an instruction permit only, and no licensed driver was in the vehicle. The driver was arrested and issued a summons to appear. The vehicle was released to a licensed driver.

Bump and grind

1:33 a.m. A citizen called to report three skateboarders in front of West Hall making aggravating noise while residents were trying to sleep. An officer responded and contacted the subjects. One of the subjects had a warrant out for his arrest and was transported to jail. The two other subjects were informed of the skateboarding policy.

No license

12:57 p.m. While on patrolling on Alumni Loop, an officer observed a vehicle with excessively tinted windows. The officer stopped the vehicle and issued the driver a citation for the infraction. He also determined the driver was not licensed and arrested him. The driver was released with a summons and a licensed driver was called to remove the vehicle.


Saturday, April 9

Fightin’ words

1:22 p.m. A student reported a physical fight between a man and woman in an on-campus parking lot. Two officers responded and contacted both parties, who had separated. Both parties said they had a verbal fight and wanted no further action.