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Sunday, Jan. 30

Drunk man looks for a place to crash

4:05 a.m. A subject off campus reported an intoxicated male from West Hall was banging on doors at an apartment building off campus looking for a place to stay. Three officers responded and found that the subject was not a housing resident. One officer provided the subject a courtesy transport to his residence and was released to a sober person.

Drunk driver removed from roads

5:15 a.m. APD was advised of a suspicious vehicle on Northern Lights at UAA Drive. An officer responded and determined the driver was under the influence and was arrested. A towing company was contacted and removed the vehicle. DUI processing was completed at the UPD office. The defendant requested a blood test, which was completed at Alaska Regional Hospital. He was then transported to the magistrate and subsequently remanded at the Anchorage Jail.

Sidewalk driver cited

7:01 p.m. While on patrol at the Eugene Short Hall parking lot, an officer observed a vehicle driving on the sidewalk. The officer stopped the vehicle and determined the vehicle’s registration was expired. The driver was given a citation for the expired registration and a verbal warning for driving on the sidewalk.

Tuesday, Feb. 1

A few loose screws in door

8:23 a.m. A UAA staff member reported the south east fire door to the Social Science Building had the screws from the inside door handle removed and were laying on the floor. An officer responded and found that there did not appear to be anything missing from the adjoining areas. The staff member called maintenance to have them replace the screws.

Keys lost down Diplomacy elevator shaft

4:21 p.m. An individual called from the Diplomacy Building to advise that he had dropped his keys in the elevator and the keys fell into the elevator shaft. An officer responded but could not access the keys. The caller said he did not need his keys that night and would call tomorrow when Otis Elevator could provide assistance.

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates
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Wednesday, Feb. 2

Marijuana smell in dorms

9:07 p.m. A resident coordinator reported a possible marijuana violation in West Hall. An officer contacted the subject and took possession of a quantity of suspected marijuana.

Thursday, Feb. 3

Burnt toast triggers alarm

1:15 p.m. The monitor system indicated a fire alarm in the Campus Bookstore. An officer responded along with the Anchorage Fire Department. The cause was burnt toast. The fire panel was reset.

Friday, Feb. 4

Drunks spotted without coats or shoes

5:19 a.m. A housing resident adviser reported two drunken subjects with no shoes or coats were being belligerent and leaving the area of Templewood toward the bike trail. An officer responded and requested APD assist. One suspect was in violation of a minor under the influence and was transported to Providence Hospital for an evaluation due to the level of intoxication and possible emotional issues. The suspect was issued a summons to appear for the violation and was then transported to the 4th Avenue Jail.

Transport provided to Native hospital

1:07 p.m. A Diplomacy Building employee reported an intoxicated male was in the lobby. Two officers responded and contacted the subject who was found to have physical difficulties and was not intoxicated. One officer provided a courtesy transport to the Alaska Native Medical Center.