{Police Scanner}

Aug. 14

Checking the records

5:42 p.m. – A United States Treasury investigator came into the University Police Department office and requested backgrounds on two previous university students. Dispatch responded after the agent pulled out a badge to verify identification.


Aug. 15

Insuring dilemma

7:53 p.m. – During a traffic stop at Diplomacy Drive an officer determined that the driver did not have proof of insurance. The officer arrested the motorist and issued a summons to appear in court.


Aug. 16


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12:46 p.m. – A staff member called university police to report stickers reading racial comments. The harassing messages were posted in the Science Building bathrooms and halls. An officer is responded and investigating.


Aug. 17

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates

If you can’t stand the heat, get out the kitchen

6:52 p.m. – Staff informed campus police that the Lucy Cudy Center was extremely warm. UPD contacted maintenance to respond.


Aug. 18

Scooter intruders

6:55 p.m. – A maintenance worker, via radio, reported a gang of male juveniles riding scooters in the parking garage. An officer responded but the foot-peddling bunch managed to scoot away before authorities arrived.


Aug. 19

Heed the moose call

9:20 a.m. – UAA employees notified UPD of three moose at the West campus central lot. An officer monitored the moose until it vanished into a small forest.


Aug. 20

Cops & robbers

12:33 a.m. – On Lake Otis Parkway two officers spotted a vehicle that matched a description of a robbery suspect broadcasted by the Anchorage Police Department over the scanner. Both UPD and APD officers set up a perimeter and apprehended the two suspects. APD put the suspects under custody.