Please do not contribute your PFD to ‘Pick Click Give’ campaign

If you love Alaska, do not contribute to “Pick Click Give.” If you have already contributed, please ask for your donation back from Heather Beaty via [email protected] or 888-785-4438. Mail can be sent to United Way of Anchorage, 701 West 8th Ave. Suite 230, Anchorage 99501.

Instead, give directly to the charity of your choice. Alaskans are being made fools of by the “Pick Click Give” campaign. You are very generous and good but the intent behind “Pick Click Give” is only to take the focus off how corrupt Alaska Permanent Fund Board is.

The background of the legislation that became “Pick Click Give” is that I was allowed paid ads in Catholic Anchor regarding Alaska Permanent Fund Board Confirmation Committee (APFBCC) in September 2007, for the first time. After that, I observed in horror HB 166 introduced by then-representative Bill Thomas “gain traction” and pass the entire 60-member Alaska Legislature becoming Alaska Statute 43.23.062 in 2008. What an insult to Alaskans! We are being asked to pay for non-profits with our paltry dividend while Alaska Legislature has not cleaned up the corrupt Alaska Permanent Fund Board. Our APFBCC continues to have small ads in Catholic Anchor monthly.

This year the propaganda for “Pick Click Give” is incessant with posters and billboards everywhere, as well as constant radio and TV ads. We believe the amount that is collected from “Pick Click Give” is about equal to the cost of the advertising propaganda that is bombarding us daily.

K-12 education has been flat-lined for the last four years so that the Base Student Allocation has not been increased. Therefore, teachers will not get salary increases and class sizes will go up. To my knowledge, State of Alaska has about $16 billion in reserves plus the current $49 billion Alaska Permanent Fund. Yet, we are not paying adequately for our children’s education.

We must create accountability in Alaska Permanent Fund that all of us own as Alaskans. We would like to start a non-profit to review Alaska Permanent Fund Board’s investments but need an attorney and/or a CPA to do so. Please let me know if you can help.

It has already been announced that your Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend will be double in October 2014, right before we go to the polls to elect the governor for the next four years. The governor is the only level of accountability of Alaska Permanent Fund Board because he/she appoints the board members.

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Tell your friends and neighbors not to support “Pick Click Give.” Ask your legislators why they enacted this legislation rather than requiring that Alaska Permanent Fund Board be confirmed by them. Confirmation is a first step in creating accountability of our $49 billion fund. Let’s make the issue of cleaning up Alaska Permanent Fund Board predominant in the 2014 gubernatorial election.

Theresa Obermeyer, non-degree seeking student