Photo story: Women’s March 2018

Following the inauguration of Donald Trump in 2017, millions of women and men around the world gathered to protest abuses of women and power, hoping to spark a movement. One year later, on Jan. 20, the Women’s March celebrated their anniversary of this event, hoping to “Look Back, March Forward” into the new year. Thousands of Alaskans gathered in their communities to show support for the movement, including an event held in downtown Anchorage. There were speakers from the Young Women’s Christian Association Alaska, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the First Alaskans
Institute and UAA’s Generation Action club, before marching downtown.

Photos by Christian Cielo (click to enlarge and cycle through as slideshow)

Hundreds of people from the Anchorage community march down F Street on Jan. 20. After the rally at the Park Strip, musicians and speakers gathered at Williwaw to encourage residents to participate in the mail-in voter process and focus on local issues relating to women and minority groups.
“I want to show support, not only to women and members of the LGBTQ community, but to also protect my right to healthcare,” David Clark, UAA sociology major, said.
Prior to the march, a rally was held at Delaney Park Strip, which include a speech from Hilary Morgan, the CEO of YWCA Alaska.
Marchers hold signs in support of voting rights and voter awareness during the second Women’s March. The Anchorage march was one of hundreds of events around the country.
People of all ages gathered at the Delaney Park Strip to show their support for causes, including women’s and voters’ rights.
Planned Parenthood supporters raise “I Stand with Planned Parenthood” signs during the rally at Delaney Park Strip prior to the Women’s March. Marchers bundled up for a half an hour march through downtown in 20 degree weather.
Nile Morris, vice president of the UAA Black Student Union and member of Generation Action, leads the crowd in chants to prepare for the march.