Nursing Career Fair

The Nursing Career Fair provided a sure cure for students sick of having no direction in their nursing fields. Opportunities for scholarships, internships, and volunteer work were advertised at an assortment of booths on Friday in the Campus Center.            

“Today we are here to celebrate because we received a very high grade with the national viewers (Joint Commission of Health Care Organization), 98 percent,” Alaska Psychiatric Institute Nurse, Peggy Egan said.

At a public health booth, Nurse, Lisa Kruschwitz responded to the reason why they came out by saying, “In order to get nurses interested in certain fields of nursing. To let them know what is out there.”       

Students interested in pursing any field in the medical profession would have had much to gain from strolling through the fair.

Health care can be really rewarding and versatile, you can take your nursing career anywhere,” Nurse, Angelia Zinsli said. Zinsli also commented on how the nursing field is actually shrinking and the need for nurses is increasing worldwide. Meaning that students who receive a degree in nursing may have a good chance for job opportunities right out of college.

Students not in the nursing field could be seen stopping at the booths, at least long enough to grab some Lemon-heads and Tootsie Rolls.

Another option nursing students can consider is HealthCorps that provides professional full-time or part-time opportunities to work in both urban and rural hospitals around the state.

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates
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“We offer variety and a flexible experience,” President, Martha K. Clinehens, R.N. said.

Scholarship and intern opportunities were offered from Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, ANTHC.

“We (ANTHC) recruit for all major health professional in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho,” Amanda Tanner said.

For information for Municipality of Anchorage Health & Human Services Community Health Promotion call 343-4622. For more information on HealthCorps call 345-5919 or visit . For information on ANTHC call toll free (800) 528-6680. �