Club Council upholds NSLS deactivation

On Sept. 19, Club Council voted to uphold their Executive Board’s decision to deactivate the National Society of Leadership and Success. The NSLS, the largest student club on campus with over 750 members, will be deactivated for the Fall 2014 semester due to the findings of an official Club Council inquiry into the 2014 NSLS Spring Gala.

During the Club Council meeting last Friday, NSLS founder Corey Hester gave his appeal for why the organization should remain active. Hester said the club’s deactivation was illegitimate because of “procedural error and misconduct” involving the board’s request to see the documents that prove the NSLS was in violation of any UAA rule or policy.

According to Hester, the decision to deactivate NSLS was not done with quorum and was therefore not done in an official capacity.

Jonathon Taylor, vice chair of Club Council’s executive board states said the board followed correct procedure in their investigation.

“We met as an executive board in executive sessions and working sessions to try and figure out, one, what all of the facts were, and two, what we were required to do based on what facts were known and were available to us.” Taylor said. “Much of the reason we’ve spent so much time on this is because we’ve been requesting additional documentation and requesting information from NSLS to try and make sure we had all of our facts were in order. There were several emails not returned and several inquiries where the answers were not provided or provided in a timely manner.”

Inquiry into the Spring Gala started after Club Council received a bill from the Hilton Hotel for approximately $9,000, prompting further investigation into how NSLS handled documents and procedures for their event.

According to Club Council’s executive report, four areas raised concern over the NSLS’ documentation: beer and wine requests, external account and club finances, students contracting with vendors and auction prize claim forms.

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The NSLS has compiled an executive summary of the documentation that was requested by the Club Council executive board. The summary also includes the NSLS case for why the organization followed correct procedure and complied with all university policies regarding its Spring Gala.

The NSLS will have a chance to further appeal their case with the Dean of Students Office. Club Council meetings are in the Student Union South Cafeteria Fridays at 1 p.m.