Not your brother’s gay dating tips

So everyone knows about the stereotypical ways of handling yourself as heterosexual individuals. Well, heterosexuals do. Homosexuals don’t really have much of a manual for these things. Personally, I never had a bigger brother who told me what to do with another man. It all was mainly a journey of experimentations. Here I will talk about a few key things you should do as a homosexual male with another male. Of these things we will discuss: cuddling, dancing and kissing.

Cuddling is one of the most comforting things to do with another guy. Now you might wonder: should I be the big spoon or should he? The answer is both. Either of you can be the big spoon or the little spoon. It’s easier to see after one of you initiates it. Don’t worry. If you become the big spoon it’s not like he’s going to scurry away from your grasp. If he does, then there is no point of talking to him. One thing you’ll know if he likes to cuddle with you is if he nuzzles closer into your body. That’s your cue to hug comfortably tighter. Now if you want to be the little spoon at this point, I sometimes like to make an excuse to get up. My main excuse is usually to go the bathroom. After you get back, you simply light in front of him and take his hands to wrap them around you. It’s as simple as that.

Dancing seems to be such a problematic thing for some gays. It’s easy to see that in most cases heterosexuals just end up grinding with one another. Dancing should not be an uncomfortable thing for any individual. It is a chance for you to let loose and become enthralled in the music and the moment. Dancing with another homosexual man is not rocket science. Just follow the beat of the music and move to it with you boy. I think someone just needed to tell you that. This might be your chance to show off those dance moves you have always imagined yourself doing.

Kissing is one of my favorite things, as it should be with everyone else. It’s such a passionate exchange of sexuality. Kissing a man is no different than when heterosexuals kiss one another. Never start with a gaping mouth hoping to French kiss the first time. Everything requires a beginning. So begin with a peck. Afterwards, see where that leads. Do you see any differences with homosexual and heterosexual kissing? No. It is because there are no differences. What you can find is that kissing can be learned even when asking straight friends about their experiences.

Cuddling, dancing and kissing all call forth the ideas if interchangeability. This is the idea that you or the other boy is able to take control of the situation or just to sit back. Both of these you can enjoy to its full extent. You just have to learn to ease yourself in this role of homosexuality. Embrace this idea of being with another man. You don’t have to feel like you can or cannot do one thing.