No support for school spirit resolution


Student Leadership Coordinator

Spring 2005 USUAA candidacy packets have been available since March 7 in the USUAA office (Student Union Room 201). Coordinator Diane Kozak said positions are open for election to president, vice president, senator and Concert and Media board members. Referendum postings for the election must also be passed by March 19 to be included on the spring 2005 ballot.


Representative Reports

Club Council

After disputing the interpretation of its bylaws, Club Council has distributed approximately $5,000 to 15 of its clubs. Around $2,000 still remain in the Club Council budget.

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Assembly Boards

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates

Concert Board

Sen. Jonathan Wilcox amended his previous announcement from last week that an account of $100,000 of excess rollover Concert Board funds was discovered in Fairbanks. The account in Fairbanks is actually a listing of the total funds available to Concert Board and $40,000 of those funds is rollover from previous years. Concert Board plans on holding an event at the beginning and end of April and to send two representatives to a National Association for Campus Activities conference.

Board of Cultural Awareness

BCA representative Ethiopia Belay was welcomed by senators after what Wilcox termed a “long hiatus” for BCA’s attendance at USUAA meetings. BCA is holding its second annual Cultural Fair from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. April 2 in the Lucy Cuddy Hall. Belay said three dance groups are already scheduled to perform and that local Anchorage restaurants will be serving ethnic foods. A corner of the Cuddy will also be devoted to henna tattoos.


Executive reports

Government Relations Director

GRD Regan Mattingly said UAA is hosting a polling station for the municipal elections April 5 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Legislative Affairs committee is also planning to have a legislative panel with various members of Alaska’s state government that attend USUAA’s Last Frontier Leadership Conference.

Vice Presidential

Vice president Michael Blanton informed senators of the chancellor’s recent campaign for a green and gold Friday to encourage school spirit. Blanton also took up chairmanship of the Last Frontier Leadership Conference planning committee after the chair’s seat was vacated. Blanton had formerly taken up the pro-temp position on the committee after that senator’s seat had also been vacated.


President Chris Hall introduced former Dean Linda Lazzell as a new vice chancellor at UAA and listed her responsibilities. Hall also said the chancellor has begun a “bureaucracy busters” campaign at UAA. A research report on needs-based financial aid currently undertaken by Derek Price is scheduled to be released this spring.

Hall entertained the suggestion to send at least two of USUAA’s female senators and administrative assistant Liisa Morrison to a female-only leadership conference in Washington, D.C., in June. Hall said sending three leaders to the conference would encourage women at UAA to get involved in leadership.

A recycling meeting with the administration has produced the decision to form a three- to five- person committee in charge of the recycling program and an expansion of the program’s services to include cardboard recycling. A recycling compound behind the Fine Arts building is also being considered so other trash is not thrown in with recyclable materials.

There will be a student forum on sustainability March 10 from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. in the Lyla Richards Conference Room (Student Union, Room 103).


Persons to be heard not on the agenda

Lazzell introduced herself and spoke briefly on her main goals as a vice-chancellor. Lazzell said during March she is primarily collecting information on how to make UAA a more student-centered and less bureaucratic campus and more of a town square for Anchorage. Part of making UAA more student-centered is Chancellor Elaine Maimon’s “bureaucracy-busting” campaign. Lazzell encouraged students to ask the question “why” when they had to take longer steps in procedures or ran into red tape on different issues.

UAA Student Ombudsman Jake Gondek thanked USUAA for sending him to Juneau with the UAA delegation for the Spring Legislative Conference.


Committee Reports

Academic Affairs Committee

Sen. Elizabeth Percak-Dennett was elected the new Academic Affairs chair. Academic Affairs is still intending to move forward with its safety fliers and rotating table campaign after Sen. Rick Wright’s vacancy. Percak-Dennett also welcomed senators to attend the committee meetings for the Last Frontier Leadership Conference Thursdays at 4 p.m.

Finance Committee

Two bills requesting contingency funds were approved by the Finance Committee. Sen. Daniel Pace said the balance of contingency funds available is approximately $25,000. Budgets from USUAA’s different organizations were due March 4, but at the time, the Legislative Affairs and Executive Committees, BCA, Club Council and Election, Concert and Media boards had not submitted their budgets for approval.

Rules Committee

Chair Sen. Zeljka Jutric said that the Rules Committee is working on posting senator absences on a white board in the USUAA office. Rules recognized the resignation of Sen. Rachele Watts and the vacancy of Wright’s seat due to excess absences. Rules committee does not currently have an operating budget, Jutric said. Rules also transferred Sen. Luke Thomas from the Legislative Affairs committee to Academic Affairs. Jutric said the committees are very small and some senators need to transfer committees to keep them all an appropriate size. Rules committee also recognized the hard work done by Sen. Sarah Mahan during the previous week with the USUAA “Meet and Greet” and rewarded her with a Subway cookie. During Rules’ last meeting, the idea of a senator stipend was suggested. Sen. Anthony Rivas supported the idea because it gave students an incentive to join USUAA and suggested an alternative three-credit tuition waiver for participation in USUAA. Sen. Deadra Hall said the stipend would be well-deserved but that it would be more feasible than a three-credit tuition waiver. Mahan suggested students receive three academic credits and Lazzell said students who participated in a leadership opportunity, like a special project through Concert Board, could receive three credits toward a leadership internship program.

Activities Committee

Mahan reported Rivas was appointed Activities pro-temp. USUAA is also co-sponsoring another tailgate party with fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha for the last UAA Women’s Gymnastics home meet March 11 and 12 against Hamline University at 7:05 p.m. in the Wells Fargo Sports Complex. The Chancellor’s Pizza Party will be from noon to 2 p.m. March 15.


New Business

Assembly Bill 05-14

The bill requesting $1,200 in contingency funds for the printing of 170 T-shirts received its first reading. The bill’s co-sponsor Percak-Dennett said 100 of the shirts would be given to New Student Orientation, 20 kept for USUAA members and 50 given to Activities Committee for the fall 2005 campus kickoff event.

Assembly Bill 05-15

The bill requesting $5,000 in contingency funds for the purchase of a 42 inch flat screen television received its first reading. Sen. Kortney Hintsala sponsored the bill and said it was designed to provide USUAA with another means of reaching out and informing students about USUAA. Half the television screen would be devoted toward cable television and the other half toward information about USUAA. Hintsala said the television was so expensive because none of the cheaper models could split the screen between two programs.

Assembly Referendum 05-01

The referendum requested a Concert Board student fee increase from $5-$7 but was tabled until the next meeting. Wilcox, who sponsored the bill, said the increase is undertaken primarily to offset inflation rates. Concert Board has not increased its fees since its inception in 1993. The fee increase will make possible a program coordinator position that will enable Concert Board to put on bigger and better shows, Wilcox said. President Hall said he was wary of passing a referendum that increased a fee when he did not think Concert Board was in complete control of its finances. Hall said he had requested a Concert Board budget and received a run down of the previous year’s budget and that nobody he had asked knew how much it had cost to bring up Morgan Spurlock. Jutric’s motion at the referendum was tabled until Concert Board submitted a curretn budget

Assembly Resolution 05-01

USUAA failed to resolve its support of the Chancellor’s green and gold Friday campaign. The resolution failed because some senators felt that Friday should not be the only day of the week to demonstrate school spirit.