No complaints

By Keon Hee Jang

Keon Hee Jang is a civil engineering student at UAA and a Resource Assistant at the Student Union Info Desk.

Students can’t complain that tuition is too expensive at UAA unless they get to know what it offers for them. I have been attending schools in the Philippines since I was 15 and spent around seven years there.

During seven years of studying, my standard of educational institutes changed into the Philippines system which charged me miscellaneous fees such as Xerox fees and paper fees for materials. My jaw dropped when I got to know about the huge number of free services that UAA offers. We know that our tuition is several thousands of dollars for a semester; however, students often don’t know where this money goes even if students have looked into their tuition details. There are many advantages that you can have for just being a student.

A Wolfcard is your student ID at UAA which is required for students to have; however, the benefits of this card are not commonly known. The card gives you free barbecue, free access to UAA sports games, free laptop rentals, free public transportation and more. Additionally, the Student Union Information Desk is open for duty, not only to provide information, but also to run lost and found and to rent gear from the gear room.

Did you also know that Microsoft offers students Office software for free? Word, Powerpoint, OneNote and Excel are open for you. The license continues until the last day of class.

If you are interested in shopping, Amazon Student is here to help. Amazon offers its Prime Membership for free for 6 months. Prime Membership includes free 2-day shipping on over 50 million items and video streaming of millions of movies and TV shows.

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UAA has prepared a lot of features for students. In my opinion, it is our duty to abuse the system since they prepared a lot with our tuition money otherwise. It is a waste that will only be thrown into the garbage.