NFL, pre-season finally begins

As most beer drinking, apple pie loving, hot dog eating Americans already know the NFL lockout has come to an end.

We should all sleep more sound knowing that the men of our favorite teams are training preparing for another season of America’s favorite sport.


We can now joke more freely about what was once a touchy topic, without worrying that we may upset a nervous patriot waiting and waiting on an answer that we never thought would come.

What would of our fall and winter have been like without Sunday, Monday and Thursday night football?

Sports bars would become places to mourn, where groups of fans would gather to burry their sorrows and support one another in what would surely be a difficult time. Beer companies would go out of business. Men would sit in there recliners staring into their blank black 51 inch TV screens, pale skinned, with a hand gripped firmly on the heart of there favorite NFL team’s jersey.

As ridiculous as the previous sounds, it can’t be to far fetched seeming as how the NFL lockout was a rather ridiculous situation in its self.

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Let’s review the last four and a half months and the contract that will last ten years. From selfish players to selfish owners, to the fans who got strung along through it all, here it is.

1.Rookies- the guys calling the shots had little regard for the new guys. No player was aloud to practice at or use team facilities. Time was lost in pre-season camps, keeping the new guys from bonding with the more seasoned pros. This isn’t important though as long as million dollar contracts are signed. Making people question the motives of both players and owners. Love of the game or Love of the Money?

2.No pain No game- Due to the lack of team training rookies are getting, their debut showings will be below average. This is not to say that rookies are at all to blame but compared the rooks in years before they will struggle with less time to prove themselves worthy of something greater than benchwarmers. In a time of decision someone must suffer, someone and or something must be sacrificed. To gain you have to lose. This is the sacrifice for the next ten years being lockout free. No pain no game. Go hard or go home. Sweat plus sacrifice equals success (and any other sports cliché you can think of).

3.Brain power- Yes, 130 plus days of lockout news can get repetitive. Each week for the last four and a half months we heard talk of an end, but in that same week we got an update saying the next week would be the end. The only thing more repetitive than that vicious cycle is the directions on the back of a shampoo bottle. Rinse, lather, and repeat. But the players were being smart though. 32 owners to 1,900 NFL players. One can only hope that despite the all of the brain damage these players have received in their careers they would have enough brainpower to ratify the owner’s agreement. And they did, the reviewed and reviewed only seconds before the quarter back was sacked in his own five yard line. Don’t fret, billionaires (owners) will still be billionaires and millionaires (players) will still be millionaires.

Thankfully its over. Fans, players, coaches and owners can be worry free until 2021.


Since the end of the lockout NFL teams are moving forward and at an accelerated rate.

Already the Jets three-year quarter back, Mark Sanchez has been named captain taking an automatic lead for the New York team.

Randy Moss is “retiring” after just 13 seasons in the NFL. This is something most people are questioning seeming as how just weeks ago Moss’s agent told the media he is in the best shape since his 2007 season with the patriots. Former Alaskan and Red Skins and Denver Broncos guard, who is now an ESPN football analysis Mark Schlereth said on a Sports Center broadcast, “I can’t wait until camp is over and Moss comes back.”

He makes a strong argument though. We are all accustomed to the Moss attitude. You know the “I’m the shit” attitude he acquired in his time with the New England Patriots. This could explain why teams are only offering him one-year contracts. We digress though. With that lovely personality trait one can only suspect he finds training camps beneath him. He is Randy Moss.

The Giants have resigned running back Ahmad Bradshaw, who in his last season had eight touchdowns, 47 catches and rushed for 1,235 yards. Yes it looks hopeful for the young athlete going into his fifth season in the NFL.

Well there you have it. Just a start for your 2011-12 NFL football seasons. The season is set to kick off Thursday Sept. 8 when the Saints and the Packers go head to head.