{News Briefs}

Parking permit update
Parking permits must now be purchased online at www.thepermitstore.com. Parking Services, located on the lower level of the Student Union, has switched to an entirely electronic system of purchasing and distributing permits to University of Alaska Anchorage students, faculty, and staff. Detailed instructions on how to purchase a permit online are available at www.uaa.alaska.edu/parking, and a computer is available in the Parking Services office. Vehicles without parking permits will not be penalized during the first week of the semester, but drivers who purchase their permits should allow three to five days for shipping time.

IT begins charging for copies
Printing from Information Technology Services computer labs is no longer free. As part of a ‘cost-recovery system,’ ITS has installed the Uniprint system in open computer labs at the Commons, the library, the Student Union, the University Center, the Learning Resource Center Computer Labs and at the Consortium Library and the Language computer lab. The Uniprint system charges 8 cents for regular black and white laser prints, 14 cents for double-sided black and white laser prints, 28 cents for regular color laser prints and 53 cents for double-sided color prints.
UAA students who have paid the UAA Technology Fee are credited with $8 to their Uniprint accounts at the start of each semester. The credit is non-accumulating. Students can add funds to their Uniprint accounts at Value Transfer Stations located in the Commons Lobby, Consortium Library, Sally Moneserud Hall, Student Union, or the WolfCard Office at the University Center.

Voter registrars needed
During the month of September, UAA will hold a campus voter registration drive as part of a goal to get 100 percent of students, faculty and staff registered to vote. The drive still needs voter registrars. Training for registrars begins the first week of September and lasts about 45 minutes. Contact Cindy Marshall at 786-6133 or e-mail [email protected] to sign up for voter registrar training.

Submit your favorite poems
As part of its 50th anniversary celebration, the University of Alaska Anchorage is putting on the ‘Favorite Poem Project,’ inspired by former United States Poet Laureate, Robert Pinsky. Submit your favorite poem to [email protected] and include the entire poem, your name, age and occupation as well as your contact information. Include a few lines explaining why this is your favorite poem. Poems are being collected through Oct. 8. Selected submissions will be posted on UAA”s website beginning Sept. 13. You could be invited to read your favorite poems aloud at an Oct. 21 reading sponsored by UAA”s Department of Creative Writing and Literary Arts, Student Activities and the Alaska Quarterly Review. For more information, contact Karen Hill 786-1288 or by e-mail [email protected]