New women’s basketball coach resigns

Nathan Altenhofen (Photo courtesy of UAA Athletics Department)

Thursday, newly-hired UAA women’s basketball coach Nathan Altenhofen resigned from his post citing professional misconduct.

UAA athletic director Steve Cobb accepted his resignation, but did not comment on the details of the incident.

He said in an interview Monday that it is university policy not to comment directly about personnel issues. However, KTUU reported Aug.10 that Cobb said the incident did not involve NCAA violations or student athletes.

Ron Kamahele, director of UAA Human Resource Services, said Monday that the phrase “professional misconduct” could apply to violations from the UAA code of conduct or ethics, directly violating an initiative from one’s supervisor, violating the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act or various other actions.

“It’s a very general term that can encompass a lot of types of conduct,” Kamahele said.

Cobb said Altenhofen was with the department from May until his resignation.  He replaced Tim Moser, who accepted an assistant coaching job with Colorado State University at the end of the spring semester.

Cobb said Altenhofen had two main tasks while employed with the university: finishing the recruiting class this summer and organizing next year’s recruitment for new players.

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He said Altenhofen was on the road for between three-and-a-half and four weeks in July completing recruitment tasks.

While the coach appeared to be completing the tasks expected of him, Cobb said, “He wasn’t here long enough for us to have any measurable results.”

Cobb confirmed that Altenhofen was slated to be paid $70,000 per year before bonuses, but was paid an income of $8,234.20 at the time of his resignation.

He said Altenhofen only met with about five or six of the players because some of them are out of town and because the team is not currently practicing. However, the coach contacted all members of the team through phone or email.

“Obviously, they’re concerned,” Cobb said. But, after releasing information about the new coach, he hopes to put the players’ fears at ease.

As of 2:54 p.m. Monday, a new coach has not been announced, but Cobb said he is expecting confirmation this afternoon from one of three original candidates considered to replace Moser.

“I’m expecting acceptance any second,” he said.

The women’s basketball season is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Nov. 9 at the Wells Fargo Sports Complex Center.

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