New Student Regent delivers “love letter” to all UA Students

With the new school year starting, the new student regent Cachet Garrett sent all students a letter regarding her new position and what that means for all students who are a part of the UA system.

“I am deeply grateful to Governor Dunleavy for selecting me for this hard work, in light of unprecedented budgetary cuts to the UA system,” Garrett said.

Garrett is a professional communication graduate student from UAF. She was appointed in May of 2019, but has yet to be confirmed by the legislature.

“It is impossible for me to not serve,” Garrett said.

The email Garrett sent out was about 4,300 words or seven pages. It also included pictures of her and her dog.

One of the pictures Regent Garrett sent out in the email was a picture of her and her dog. Photo courtesy of Catchet Garrett.

“You probably ain’t eveh gonna get another letter like this,” Garrett said.

In her opening paragraphs, she talked about how she has been a leader for some time.

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“Since the days I was a student senator, then student body president, and also president of the student alumni association in Juneau,” Garrett said.

She also continued to talk about how she wants to hear from students on how the UA system can make a difference.

“I found an atrocious experience within my program,” Garrett said.

She commented about how she is grateful for that experience even though it was a bad one. Further down the essay, she said that she is not bashing the university, but demands that we strive for excellence.

A big highlight from this letter was one paragraph starting with “Warning, vulnerable share.” Garrett said that she has an “edginess of mental/emotional turbulence regularly.” She also shared that she is a long time student of yoga and tantra.

Garrett continued by talking about how she will only apologize if it is warranted.

“If you did something that results in your perception that I hurt you, but I actually did nothing directly to you, then you must grow to recognize Truth — capital T.”

She went on to say “NO MORE SUICIDING.” After this statement, she talked about how she is always open to talk to any other UA student. Garrett also promotes the coming suicide prevention week.

“And it is with this strong conviction that I demand…that you do not commit self-harm upon your bodies, your hearts, or your minds,” Garrett said.

“Finally, I ask you to engage new levels of participation with the going-on of our universities collectively,” Garrett said.

Garrett concluded the letter by offering opportunities for UA students to become more involved. With her song of the day being “Bullet and Target,” she encouraged students to give our own song. At the end of the email she includes her email, phone number, and PO box number.

Catchet Garrett along with the other student regents listening to public comments on September 12, 2019. Courtesy of Anchorage Daily News.

This letter upset many students from all across the UA system. In a public testimony, many students voiced their opinions about the letter the student regent sent out.

“A lot of it is rambling nonsense and a lot of it is also really inappropriate content to be sending to 30,000 people,” Bradley Morton, a UAF graduate student at the August 31st public testimony, said in an Alaska Daily News article.

Later in the day, the official Board of Regents Chair Sheri Buretta responded to the letter.

“I have urged Regent Garrett to use her voice to add value to the very urgent issues… not use her position to create additional distractions or disenfranchised students,” Beretta said in an Alaska Daily News article.

Many students on social media have spammed her Facebook profile with comments about the letter.