New shifts in UA leadership positions prompt salary adjustments

Since last year, The Northern Light has published an organizational chart of university leadership including the base salary for deans, vice provosts, vice chancellors and chancellors. There have been a lot of changes to university leadership over the past year. Interim Chancellor Sam Gingerich is still in his role as chancellor until the newly appointed chancellor, Cathy Sandeen, comes to UAA on Sept. 15. Gingerich’s contract states his last day at UAA is Sept. 30.

Duane Hrncir (base salary of $200,000), formerly the interim provost at UAA, is no longer serving in the position, and former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences John Stalvey has been appointed interim provost. Stalvey will receive a base salary of $206,000. John Petraitis, formerly the associate dean for Social Sciences, has been tapped to lead the CAS as interim dean while Stalvey serves as interim provost. The dean of the CAS received approximately $164,000 in a base salary last year accounting for the time he was furloughed or on voluntary leave. Petraitis is receiving $167,542.70 in a base salary for interim dean. If Stalvey returns to his previous position, he will be entitled to his former base salary of approximately $172,000.

There is one new position in the hierarchy this year. Claudia Lampman is serving as interim vice provost for Student Success, a new position that was opened and filled last fall. In addition, UA consolidated Colleges of Education at all three campuses to fall under the authority of UAS. At UAA and UAF, the programs were renamed the School of Education and will be absorbed into other colleges.

Several interim dean positions have been filled in the last year. Karen Markel is the new dean of the College of Business and Public Policy, and John Mouracade, dean of the University Honors College, has been serving as a full dean — no longer an interim dean — since summer of last year.

UAA has a new vice chancellor of Administrative Services. Beverly Shuford started at UAA on May 3, according to her contract, and is getting a base salary of $191,000. Last year’s interim vice chancellor of Administrative Services Pat Shier received a base salary around $173,000 for the position.

There is a new Director and Title IX Coordinator for the Office of Equity and Compliance. Sara Childress was appointed to the position in March and is receiving a base salary of $105,000.

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Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Bruce Schultz saw a base salary increase from approximately $147,000 last year to $179,000 this year.