New athletic clubs may be started by students

As I walked through the annual Campus Kickoff last Sunday, I noticed a lot of great opportunities UAA has to offer. There was an abundance of learning resources, clubs and organizations on display throughout the entire day.

My main objective: look for any club sports on the scene.

Well, there’s broomball. OK.

Broomball and…

Really, this is it for my options?

Don’t get me wrong; there were a lot of excited folks signing up at the broomball booth. However, in a campus with nearly 20,000 students, I was amazed that UAA apparently had no clubs offered in the realm of sports.

Personally, I look forward to the opportunities presented by these club sports, as they are open to anyone eager to play.

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Of course, universities like UAA offer terrific programs for its gifted student athletes. However, what about those of us that didn’t go to school on an athletic scholarship, who still love to play and better yet, would love to play for their school? Club sports don’t have to be limited to the conventional athletic department sports.

So what’s stopping the students within UAA from partaking in the sports and activities they love?

News flash to students – whatever game you wish to play, you can form a university-sanctioned club for it.

With that in mind, think of the possibilities for club sports that could – and should – be a part of the UAA club system.

The sky is the limit.

The first ones that come to mind are club counterparts of the sports we already have set up as interscholastic NCAA sports. You have the regulars, such as volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and hockey, just to name a few.

UAA already has the facilities on campus to accommodate most of these options. And I have no doubt that there are enough people within the student body willing to play and make at least some of those clubs a reality.

In a winter wonderland like Anchorage, why not form UAA downhill skiing and snowboarding? Cross-country skiing trails are in abundance around the area as well.

Whether it’s for competition or the sheer joy of hitting the slopes with friends, these are viable ideas.

Go outside the box and think about a sledding club or inner-tubing club. Why not pull funds to charter a bus out to the better hills around town? That may sound out in left field, but so is UAA Broomball.

What about UAA Ultimate Frisbee? When the sun is shining, Ultimate thrives in Anchorage. Getting a club together would be very doable.
UAA Disc Golf? “Sign me up” is what you would hear.

Speaking of golf, students sticking around through summer could form a Seawolf golf team.

For good measure, I’ll throw some final ideas out there for UAA: soccer, baseball, softball, dodgeball, water polo and rugby.

Intramural sports are well established here, that much is certain. What club sports do, though, is offer us a chance to represent our school.

In club sports, we get to be called Seawolves and don the school colors ourselves.

If it’s competition you want, we have a chance to compete against not merely each other, but other institutions. Imagine your club getting to take on a Nanooks team. We get to play what we love under a common and familiar banner.