Nationwide Briefs

A Uranium Rush strikes the Grand Canyon

Due to a renewed interest in nuclear power, uranium claims surrounding the Grand Canyon have skyrocketed. According to the Department of the Interior, uranium claims are now over 1,000 – just five year ago there were ten.

Early this year, Congress passed an emergency declaration ceasing all testing and drilling for uranium on the public land surrounding the Grand Canyon. By law this declaration would last for three years, and federal law says the Department of the Interior is compelled to respect the declaration. To date, the declaration has been ignored.

Last week, the Bureau of Land Management has published a proposed rule that would not only reject the House bill, but it would also eliminate any provisions that allow Congress to make any such resolutions in the future.

Sen. John McCain has promised his Arizona constituents that he would defend the Grand Canyon from drilling. He has made no comment to date of the Bush Administration’s efforts to open mining.

The personality behind anti-Obama e-mail is revealed

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“Obama is a Muslim,” read a popular e-mail that began circulating in 2004. Since then, millions of people have received the e-mail that espouses Obama to be a terrorist who has kept his religious beliefs secret. Obama is in fact a Christian.

The creator of this popular e-mail is Andy Martin. Martin has quite a colorful past. In the 1970s, after graduating from law school, he was blocked from the Illinois bar because a psychiatric evaluation deemed him mentally unstable. In the early 1990s he was barred from filing federal lawsuits after clogging the system with so many frivolous claims that CBS News felt obligated to make a documentary on him.

Martin ran for Florida State Senate, US Senate of Illinois, and President in the 1999 primaries as a Republican. He also ran as a Democrat for Congress of Connecticut; his written purpose was to “exterminate Jew power.” He lost all four elections.

Last week, Martin appeared in the faux-documentary, “Obama and Friends: The History of Radicalism,” produced by Fox News, aired on Sean Hannity’s Sunday Report. The show falsely claimed that Sen. Barrack Obama tried to overthrow the government.