Movie Analysis: ‘Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1’

Up next in the Hunger Games film saga is Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1. “Mockingjay” was released on Nov. 21, 2014. It has won 21 awards and been nominated for 31. One of the nominations was for Best Original Song in the Golden Globes, and Best Female International Actress for a new actress Julianne Moore who played President Alma Coin.

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Like previous “Hunger Games” movies, “Mockingjay” featured the same cast with the addition of Julianne Moore playing the President of District 13. Throughout the movies, it was teased that District 13 was destroyed because they didn’t comply with the Capitol. Now the Capitol have done the same to District 12. Luckily some residents have been able to survive and took refuge in District 13.

‘MockingJay’ was the first film in the saga that didn’t focus on The Hunger Games. After Katniss broke the arena in “Catching Fire,” she was sent to district 13 where she will be trained to be the face of the revolution  the Mockingay.

Spoiler warning ahead. 

While watching the movie again, I thought it was so cool to see how they were trying to market a revolution. Most of the film focuses on District 13 trying to get Katniss to be the symbol for the revolution, but she is still having to struggle with the consequences of her actions. As they are trying to make these promotional videos for the other districts to watch, Peta is being held in the capitol and tortured. The Capitol also has Joana, a tribute from the 75th Hunger Games, and Annie who is Finn’s fiance.

I enjoyed watching this film again. Firstly, it showed what it’s like to start a revolution. I think it’s interesting how they are trying to advertise the revolution like it’s some fad. I also liked how real it was in regards to Katniss’s mental state. Coming from the brutal Hunger Games to a place you have been told your whole life isn’t real has got to be confusing to say the least. They showed the mental toll it takes to be a part of the Hunger Games.

It’s a little cynical, but my favorite scene is when they are trying to rescue Peta and the other tributes from the Capitol. It’s so brilliant and you can feel the sensation of dread when you realize that it was a trap all along. Especially since this is after she had accepted that she would be the Mockingjay. Not only does she lose Peeta to the Capitol, but she also loses Gale.

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Something that I didn’t really like was the romantic moments between Katniss and Gale. I understand that he is there to comfort her, but if a girl is going through so much and risking so much to get this other guy that she is clearly in love with, why have another person in the mix. I understand that Gale is really the one that she should end up with, but it just doesn’t seem believable that she is that much in love with Petta.

I thought it was interesting how they took the advertising approach to starting the revolution. After Katniss fires the arrow at the arena border, they capitalize on her actions and begin to promote her as a symbol for the revolution.

Throughout the film, they are trying to get advertisements from her, but have a problem with her acting being convincing. Once they realize that they should just let her speak from the heart,  the revolution really starts to really pick up momentum.

I think that the message of this film is that you can’t force revolutions. They have to come from a place with real meaning. I am so excited to see what they have in store for us in the next film.

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