Mosel Riesling Qualitätswein, a German treat

Photo by Heather Hamilton
Photo by Heather Hamilton

There’s something to be said about pretty packaging. While it’s never smart to judge a book, or wine, by its cover, doing so might just lead to an interesting and new experience.

Mosel Riesling Qualitäts­wein is a German-made wine in a sleek cat bottle. That’s right, a cat-shaped bottle. This statu­esque glassware will look glori­ous in any collection.

The Riesling is mostly clear but has a gentle yellow tint to it. The scent offers a hint of citrus, which somehow gives it a feeling of lightness. The tip is sweet and mild with a hint of peach mixed in with the citrus flavor. As the sip eases towards the back of the mouth, the citrus quality gradu­ally takes over, until it domi­nates the flavor at the back of the throat. There isn’t much of an aftertaste — but that’s way bet­ter than having an overpowering one, so count it as a plus.

The flavors are easier to pick out when the wine is chilled, making it a more involved and enjoyable experience. However, it doesn’t taste bad at room tem­perature either. Being light as it is, the Riesling pairs well with salads, fish and chicken. It’s also tasty on its own, so cheers, and drink up.


Drink: Mosel Riesling Qualitätswein


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ABV: 10%

Company: Moselland Wine Company