Money secured for 42-inch flat screen TV

Student Leadership Coordinator

Diane Kozak encouraged USUAA members to distribute Election Board’s bookmarks advertising the upcoming USUAA spring 2005 elections. Attendance registration forms for the Last Frontier Leadership Conference are available in the USUAA office in the Student Union, Room 201. The registration deadline is March 21. Kozak also said more presenters have been added to the conference’s schedule.

“It’s going to be huge,” Kozak said.

Kozak also distributed postcards for USUAA members to distribute to students. The postcards are part of Chancellor Maimon’s bureaucracy busting campaign. The newly unified Student Affairs and Enrollment departments provided the postcards. Kozak will make a report to the administration about the policies students want changed.

Residence Hall Association

RHA president and representative Cheryl Johnson said RHA is focusing on spring elections. RHA and Residence Life are also planning a spring rave.

Concert Board

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Sen. Jonathan Wilcox said the Concert Board fee referendum was again on the agenda for approval. Logistics for the April 1 Concert Board show are still being worked out. Concert Board also hopes to bring a speaker or comedian to UAA April 30.


Executive Reports

Government Relations Director

GRD Regan Mattingly said Alaska Legislature bills for a new UAA integrated sciences building are still in the legislation process. Legislative Affairs committee is planning the UAA delegation’s next trip to Juneau. The panel for the Last Frontier Leadership Conference is still being planned, but Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich has agreed to sit on the panel.

Vice presidential

Michael Blanton said planning for the Last Frontier Leadership Conference is coming along.

“We have all our food venues tied down but one thing we really need is volunteers,” Blanton said. The conference is April 1 and 2 in the Student Union and Business Education Building. Blanton said Moose’s Tooth is catering Friday’s lunch and Subway is catering Saturday’s. USUAA is seeking volunteers for the conference to help set up equipment for presenters and to make sure attendees are comfortable.

Blanton also plans to have a referendum concerning Article 14 of the USUAA Constitution on the agenda next week. Blanton said the article is titled “Scholarships and Stipends,” but it makes no mention of stipends. Blanton said he wants to change Article 14’s title to “Scholarship, Stipends and Programs” and include information on the Student Discount Program, to make the Program a permanent aspect of the USUAA Constitution.

Wilcox asked why he had not received his student discount card yet.

“You and possibly a couple hundred other students,” Blanton said. “We’ve had these things trickling in slowly,” Blanton said. The mailing list used to distribute the cards may contain outdated student addresses, Blanton said. Blanton is working on the program to possibly distribute the cards before school starts for fall 2006.


Chris Hall said the UA Assembly met over the weekend, and included on its agenda was the USUAA referendum concerning textbook pricing and faculty ordering. The agenda for the faculty senate’s next meeting will also include the referendum. Hall said the referendum was misplaced before the senate’s last meeting.

The Speaker’s Bureau, which provides a list of expert speakers on various subjects, is also in the planning process. Hall said such programs are common at universities but UAA’s will be different by including students and Anchorage community members along with UAA faculty and staff.

The February FAFSA Frenzy went well, Hall said, with 1,746 FAFSA forms completed.

A Bureaucracy Busting Rally was held March 14 in the Administration Building, Room 204 from 1-2 p.m.

The first meeting of the six-member Recycling Partnership Committee will be March 17 in the USUAA Office.

Hall said he was impressed with the financial conditions of USUAA.

“That carry-forward of unused student fees will be greatly reduced,” Hall said.

Persons to be heard not on the agenda

Board of Cultural Awareness

BCA representative Ethiopia Belay distributed copies of BCA’s flier advertising its second Multicultural Fair April 2 from 6-9 p.m. in the Lucy Cuddy Hall. The fair will be free and is sponsored by UAA’s BCA, International Student Association and Pre-Med Club. It will feature Hawaiian and Middle Eastern dance performances by dance groups Ke Aloha and Hafi Harem and a performance by the UAA Dance Club. Ethnic foods at the fair will be provided by Bombay Deluxe, Thai Kitchen and New Sagaya.

Sen. Elizabeth Percak-Dennett said the new deadline for the Concert Board special projects fund is March 30.

"The rotating table is on sabbatical under after spring break," Percak-Dennett said. USUAA student leadership scholarships are due March 18 in the USUAA office.

Committee Reports

Legislative Affairs

GRD Mattingly said the committee is working on its postcard campaign to Alaska legislators, the upcoming UAA delegation’s spring trip to Juneau and the municipal elections. Hall said the polling station at UAA is an absentee polling station.

Finance Committee

Sen. Daniel Pace said the committee reviewed the budgets it received from other student organizations March 7.

Rules Committee

Sen. Zeljka Jutric said the Rules Committee is working on a recruitment program to increase voting and campaigning in USUAA elections. Jutric asked USUAA members to distribute three petition packets a week or one a day to students on campus to increase the number of students campaigning for office. Jutric also said senators should ask their professors for one to two minutes of class time to encourage students to vote in the upcoming elections. Jutric said the Rules Committee is also considering the future organization of a recruitment board. Sen. Anthony Rivas was recognized as Senator of the Week.

Activities Committee

The tailgate party for the UAA vs. Hamline gymnastics tournament was relocated indoors because of poor weather. Free pizza and root beer floats were given to students attending the meet by members of USUAA and Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.

The Chancellor’s Pizza Party was March 15 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Student Union lounge.

On March 17 there will be a St. Patrick’s Day drawing for a Nalgene bottle filled with Century 16 Theatres movie tickets. Sen. Sarah Mahan said students wearing green on March 17 win an entry into the drawing.

New Business

Assembly Resolution 05-04

Sen. Luke Thomas sponsored the resolution dedicating Fridays as Green and Gold Spirit Days at UAA that passed.

“You’re looking for people to be attached to their school and one way is colors,” Thomas said.

Previously, a similar resolution had not passed because USUAA members thought school spirit should not be dedicated to one day of the week.

“I’m not saying this legislation is going to put us up on the roof jumping up and down with school spirit, but this is a step in the right direction,” Thomas said.

Assembly Bill 05-14

A bill allocating $1,200 for the purchase and printing of 170 T-shirts passed. Percak-Dennett said 100 of the T-shirts will be given to New Student Orientation for prizes during its summer program. Twenty T-shirts will be kept for USUAA members and 50 will be given to the Activities Committee for its annual Campus Kickoff event next fall.

Sen. Damjan Jutric also said Orientation reached 45 percent of UAA’s first year students in 2004, about 400 students.

Assembly Bill 05-15

A bill requesting $5,000 contingency funds for the purchase of a 42-inch flat screen television for USUAA advertising purposes passed. Percak-Dennett didn’t support the bill because it failed to address certain aspects of the program, like who would operate it.

“I think there are some unknowns here that I’m not comfortable giving money to,” Percak-Dennett said. “By undertaking this with haste, it’s not going to be as good as it could be.”

Wilcox supported the bill as a progressive means of reaching out to students, but he motioned to table the bill until more bylaws could be made that covered various aspects of the program. The motion failed.

Damjan Jutric said bylaws are written as problems arise with a program.

“This is just to get it going, get it off the ground. We all know what the TV’s used for, not collecting dust or having candles sit on top of it,” Jutric said.

Assembly Referendum 05-04

A referendum to increase the amount collected from students for Concert Board from $5 per student per semester to $7 passed. Wilcox said the increase primarily offsets inflation, but the fee increase will make possible a Concert Board program coordinator position so bigger and better performances can be brought to UAA. Wilcox said Concert Board currently has the budget to hire a coordinator but will not have enough afterward to sponsor the larger shows it wants to put on. Opponents to the referendum said Concert Board needed to bring its soft-ledger of finances to the USUAA meeting to demonstrate its financial responsibility. Mahan said the motion she made at the last meeting to table the bill was intended for USUAA members to consult their constituents and for Concert Board to present a current budget to USUAA for review. Wilcox offered to show the soft-ledger to any USUAA member after the meeting. The referendum passed but was vetoed by Hall. The referendum’s last opportunity to be included on the spring 2005 USUAA ballot for a vote by the student population is next week. The referendum will have to be passed by a two-thirds majority vote to override Hall’s veto.

For the good of the order

Wilcox encouraged USUAA members to attend the U-Med neighborhood meeting March 26 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Providence Alaska Medical Center auditorium. Wilcox also said he has been appointed to the Arts Commission of Anchorage.

Zeljka Jutric said summer quorum requires three senators and one executive, and she passed a sheet of paper for USUAA members to write their name if they will be in Anchorage during the summer.