‘Minimum’ is an intriguing blend


Game: “Minimum”

Developer: Human Head Studios

Platform: PC

Release Date: Sept. 10, 2014

Rating: 4/5

+Great genre mixing

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+Looks stunning

-Glitches abound

Many genre mixtures this past year have experimented and failed. It’s for this reason that “Minimum” is such a pleasant surprise. It blends MOBA-style mechanics from games like “League of Legends” with third-person multiplayer shooter action, and the result is a sleek and fun experience.
In the main game mode, there are two teams. Each team has a Titan that accompanies them, that no one controls. Players instead control smaller fighters that aid the Titan in getting to the other team’s home base. The team whose Titan reaches the enemy base first wins.

Of course, it’s rarely that easy. Titans will have to tear down walls, and players can throw down turrets and even attack the Titans themselves. They may even have to face enemy players targeting them while they target the enemy Titan.
It’s a simple, MOBA-esque concept, but “Minimum” nails it by giving it multiplayer shooter mechanics that are simple and easy to understand. While games like “League of Legends” and “DOTA 2” feel like running into a brick wall when trying to get into them, “Minimum” eases players in, and it rarely feels as if new players have a disadvantage.

Players who don’t dig the MOBA elements, though, have other game modes to try, like Team Deathmatch, so the game isn’t a lost cause for players who just want a pure shooter.

In addition, “Minimum” looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s not a particularly demanding game, but the cubist style lends it a very striking look that’ll stick with players for a very long time. It may not seem too special compared to other games with blocky visuals, but in motion, it’s stunning.

Unfortunately, for all of the praise issued to the visuals, it does have a few blemishes. It’s a very glitchy experience, often freezing at random and taking over a minute to quit the game. The loading screens have an odd flickering effect. Even after the official release, “Minimum” still feels like a game in beta.

However, players who are in the mood for something different in the third-person shooter or MOBA scenes should definitely give “Minimum” a gander. It expertly blends the two genres in a way that is accessible, deep and aesthetically beautiful. Just beware of the few technical hitches along the way.