Mike masterfully mixes more music masterpieces

Can anyone do it like MixMaster Mike? The Beastie Boys didn't think so, “' `cause nobody can do it like MixMaster can, come on!” MixMaster Mike not only backs up the "d, double o, d, double o style" on Spin Psycle, he also brings cuts fresher than Listerine.

Spin Psycle, the first DJ mix by MixMaster Mike leaves listener's heads spinning like tops. While continuing to work with Ad Rock, Mike D and MCA on future projects, Spin Psycle goes beyond the scratching of his previous album, Anti-Theft Device and latest EP, Eye of the Cyclops.

In 1999, the International Turntablist Federation Lifetime Achievement Award lauded MixMaster Mike with for his progressive efforts of taking turntable music to instrument status. The three-time World DMC champion hit the streets with Spin Psycle on Sept. 11, fully stepping with the high-quality turntable sounds Mike shadowed throughout his career.

Co-founder of the Invisible Skratch Picklz, MixMaster Mike, along with DJ Qbert, formed a revolutionary musical group of scratch technicians comprised of DJ Qbert, Short Kut, Yoga Frog, D-Styles and DJ Flare. Hailing from the San Francisco, these five turntablist would eventually show the world that two turntables not only play music, they create music.

On Spin Psycle, Mike carries the baton past the finish, running on tracks like his name was Carl Lewis. Track four on the album, Cosmic Assassins, packs Batman punches, bringing wave-twisting bass, mind-bending scratching and masterfully matching voice-over sequences, interacting with the minds and imaginations of the audience.

Believe you me, a real hip-hopper best scoop Spin Psycle because it far surpasses any 31 flavors of ice cream Baskin Robbins serves. Mike samples old school to new school hip-hop and loses the listener somewhere in the middle. By the time the auto-arm on a record player can lift and return to its upright position, the MixMaster takes listeners on an inter-galactic carpet ride on his two turntables, activating a flux capacitor reaction taking music back to the future.

Comprised of lyrics from KRS-ONE, Gang Starr, Deltron 3030, The Pharcyde's Fat Lip and of course the Beastie trio, Spin Psycle's blue prints accommodate the mainstream TRL music listener to the crate-digging, underground bass head. Positive Contact off Deltron 3030, heard only as background music on TRL and video games, hyper drives new found Gorillaz member Russell straight to the funky year he conceptualizes.

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Spin Psycle not only entertains, it educates. Maybe hip-hop isn't the choice genre on your music list, but like Pringles potato chips, `once you pop you can't stop.' And Spin Psycle brings strictly hip-hop spiced with an added flavor never heard before. Check it out for real, it's tight.