Meet the students running for office in the spring USUAA election

This semester, students are running for office in the University of Alaska Anchorage Student Body Election. Elections take place on April 3 and 4. Students will be able to vote online or at booths located in the Student Union and Rasmuson Hall.

President and Vice President Candidates

Alec Burris and Geser Bat-Erdene

Geser Bat-Erdene (left) and Alec Burris (right). Photo credit: Alec Burris

Majors: Chemistry and finance, respectively

Statement: We are the current USUAA president and vice president, and have both previously served as USUAA senators. During our time in office, we have raised student worker pay, installed new security cameras and worked tirelessly on behalf of UAA students. With our leadership, the USUAA Assembly has been the largest and most effective in recent history. If re-elected, we will continue to listen to student concerns and make real change on their behalf.

Jada Caudel and IntiMayo Harbison

Jada Caudel (left) and IntiMayo Harbison (right). Photo credit: IntiMayo Harbison

Majors: Political science and international studies, respectively

Statement: We want to make a difference for the students of UAA. It is our goal to advocate for lower tuition, restructure Title IX training, and eliminate wasteful spending within USUAA. Our administration is dedicated to student involvement and outreach. We will work with the students of UAA to find solutions to the problems we all face. In our administration, your voice will be heard. We will show through policy and action that we are the clear choice for UAA.


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Alex Jorgensen

Major: Political science

Statement: I am running for a senator position within USUAA in order to ensure students have a safe and positive educational environment, while at the same time are challenged and exposed to new ideas. Every student deserves a campus where they can grow as individuals while at the same time become a member of the community.

Radamés Mercado-Barbosa

Major: Journalism

Statement: I hope to bring big changes to the way UAA connects with the community. To start off, I intend on finding ways to create a student and staff operated TV channel. This channel could open up doors for the university to promote our productions, connect our campus and heighten the opportunities for the students of UAA. Vote for me for a new era of UAA connections.

Teresa Wrobel

Major: Political science

Statement: I am a political science major, working on a minor in Japanese. I am a part of several advocacy groups on campus, including Generation Action and Drag+. After a year in USUAA, I want to continue to bring student concerns to the frontline and advocating for what students at UAA believe in. I also want to focus on bringing the student body together through events and outreach.

Clare Baldwin

Major: Economics

Statement: I am running for re-election as I want to continue the change and advocacy I have put forward during my current term. Even though we are a commuter and non-traditional campus, I want to provide students with the same opportunities and events they would find at any other university. I plan to continue to be a voice for our students when the university as a whole continues to face challenges, and help propose solutions that do not negatively impact students.

Zachary Christy

Major: History

Statement: I’m running for a Senate seat in USUAA because I believe in the principles of service, advocacy, and self-governance. Once I am re-elected into the Senate, my main plan is to continue work in advancing the establishment of a campus bar at UAA, much like the one on UAF’s campus, for students of legal age to have a place to convene together over a glass of beer or wine. Don’t be dry, vote for Zach, and have your wet dreams come true.

Nathanial Watanabe

Major: Finance and economics

Statement: I want to be a representative for the student body. I understand that there is a lack in student involvement, for whatever reason, which I want to better address and ultimately fix. I also want to advocate for better internship coordination and job placement — after graduation, because ultimately, it is the reason why we are attending the university.

Rose Kruger

Major: English and German

Statement: After becoming involved with USUAA as the Club Council liaison, I realized that I enjoy the work done by student government. As a senator, I would be able to spend more time advocating for students and clubs here on campus.

Joseph Longuevan

Major: Economics and history

Statement: I am running for a senator position in USUAA because I want to show my fellow students all of the resources that UAA has available for us in regards to activities, career building, and community involvement. It is my goal to help foster a welcoming environment for new students, and to continue improving upon the community we have here at UAA.

Ankhbayar Batkhurel

Major: Undeclared

Statement: In my short time at UAA, I have found a level of acceptance and welcoming unprecedented in my life, largely in part due to the amazing students and clubs on campus. My major goal in joining student government is to help students realize that they have a voice and to find ways to effectively give students the desire to participate in the many clubs and events hosted at UAA.

Manal Sharife

Major: Undeclared

Statement: I have talked with students to identify the variety of challenges that they face. I want to be their voice within the organization. I will strive to make sure everyone who seeks me out knows how I value there insight and concerns. I want my fellow students to feel comfortable with talking to me and be assured their voices do not go unheard. I want to promote diversity within our university. By stepping out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there to be heard, I want to be a beacon for other minorities to be bold and pursue all the endeavors afforded to them. As a Muslim woman, I know my capabilities and I want to show others how I can succeed as a senator in student government.

Concert Board

Cody Herron-Webb

Major: Logistics & supply chain management and general business

Statement: I love live shows and hope to eventually own a music venue. I recently built a website ( for promoting Alaskan bands and concerts. I believe that UAA would be best served with the balance of fanboy/practicality that I have to offer. As a student, our $10 fee goes to Concert Board every semester. I will push for UAA concerts to remain affordable and in touch with the students.