Marshmallow bandit runs amuck on UAA campus

Last Saturday, about a dozen squad cars surrounded the Sears Mall on Northern Lights Blvd. following a bank robbery at the Wells Fargo Bank.

As fully armed police officers ran through the mall, bystanders claimed a woman dressed as a marshmallow robbed the bank and ran through the mall.

APD spokesman, Lt. David Parker, said the woman was in fact not dressed as a marshmallow. The perpetrator was possibly a white woman with short red hair, in her 30s, five foot and five inches all and weighed approximately 260 pounds.

The bank robber allegedly took a cab to the corner of Northern Lights and Lake Otis Parkway, whereupon she got out and ran. Officers and a police dog took off on foot across the street onto UAA campus, following the scent of the perpetrator. She was not caught.

According to Parker, the bank robber was assumed to be unarmed.

“There was no weapon, she just passed a note to the bank teller,” Parker said. Although no details were released as to how much the bank robber got away with, Parker said, it didn’t matter how much or whether she had a gun.

“You’re a bank robber for heaven’s sake,” said Parker. “It’s the same crime, with or without a gun.”