Making up stories increases the heartbreak of tragedy

If there is one thing that is completely and utterly deplorable, it’s taking a mas­sive tragedy and creating lies about it.

Hours after the Boston Marathon trag­edy April 15, Photoshopped images and videos began circulating across the Inter­net, especially on Facebook. One image was of a little girl who was allegedly killed in the explosions while running on behalf of Sandy Hook Elementary.

Was a little girl really running for the memory of other children? Absolutely not.

Instead, an eight-year-old boy was killed while watching the race with his family. His mother was also injured and consequently had surgery because of a head injury.

Other than the image circulated with a little girl running, there were no reports of a little girl dying.

Was this tragedy not bad enough? Do people honestly feel the need to embellish and worsen matters by publishing fake stories with images of children?

“Family Guy” isn’t known for being tasteful, but even creator Seth MacFar­lane calls an Internet hoax involving the show deplorable. Someone mashed two clips from a March episode into a sequence that blatantly suggests the main character, Peter Griffin, bombed the Bos­ton Marathon.

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In the real episode, the character merely ran over several runners to win.

As previously stated, “Family Guy” isn’t the most sensitive TV program around, but rearranging clips out of con­text and claiming the episode “predicted” the bombing is both horrific and utterly repulsive.

It can be hard to accept sometimes, but coincidences do happen. Conspiracy theories can also be fun — like the one saying aliens built the pyramids and the Egyptian government is hiding the evi­dence — but taking a genuinely awful event and making it seem worse is hor­rible.

“Family Guy” didn’t predict the Bos­ton Marathon bombing. A little girl didn’t die in the bombing either.

But a little boy was killed and his mother was hospitalized. Isn’t that ter­rible enough?

These happenings are heartbreaking as is. Why on earth do people feel like it’s their job to spread rumors to make events worse?

If you want to make the world a bet­ter place, act like one of those marathon runners who ran to a nearby Blood Bank location and donate your blood to save a life. When you discover that children have been murdered, send families cards and flowers. Consider donating money to help families give their children proper funerals — they don’t come cheap. I’m sure it would mean the world to some families to know people in their corner are praying or even just thinking of them.

If you want to make a difference, mis­informing the public is not the way to go.