Love-related Web sites

Happy Valentine's Day. Welcome to your guide to loooove. Even if you don't love humans, there are pet love sites and a dissing love site for you. Welcome aboard the Love Boat, shiny and new. Come on aboard. We've been expecting you.

1.   Like the Victorian Era, 19th century, English, British and Irish authors? If so, visit to fall in love with it all over again. Poetry anthologies and more.

2.   Will you be mine? If so, visit me at . Complete with everything you need to get completely OD'd on lavender and advice.

3.   Are you an animal lover? If so, visit or its counterpart Dogs and cats need love too. And they're easier to buy for.

4.   Can't forget all those people who really think that love sucks. This year, there's a site for you, complete with e-postcards to send to??? Well, they've got them at .. Go ahead and have a good time thumbing your nose at the notion of love. The site is really sick. You'll love it.

5.   Are you a Harlequin or Barbara Cartland romance novel kind of person? Nowadays, you can find your niche at , where you can read all about the loves of a lifetime. Dating, romance, love and more. Mushy, mushy.