Look past NFL lockout and toward Japan’s devastation

As the death toll in Japan rises every day, sports fans can focus on one thing and one thing only, the NFL Lockout.

From selfish owners to selfish athletes and all the people in between, sports aficionados seem to be more concerned about the future of American football, rather than the devastating catastrophe currently taking place in Japan.

This isn’t to say that the athletic industry in America is the only industry at fault. In a recent interview broadcasted on MSNBC with Charlie Sheen, a banner ran across the bottom of the screen briefly mentioning Japan.

With all this negligence going on, I would like to mention and recognize the athletes putting their hard earned money and celebrity status to good use.

Kosuke Kimura, from Kobe, Japan, is a defender on the Colorado Rapids, 2010 M.L.S Champions. He started a blog to gain support of people around the world to donate money to the Red Cross, and help Japan get back on their feet.

Olympic distance runner Dai Tamesue has kept his eye on the prize and his heart in the place of the people, raising over $100,000 thus far in his relief efforts.

Yani Tseng, a golfer, is currently making the UNICEF Tap project her choice charity this week. The ten players of the LPGA tour donate $500,000 to a charity of their choice. Tseng made the UNICEF Tap project her choice because the project will go towards the children of Japan effected by this crisis.

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Some of the worlds top skiers such as Julia Mancuso, Ted Ligety and Akira Sasaki have pledged to donate half of there prize money to the people of Japan, and we can’t forget the Winter X-games athletes who participated in a coat drive.

However these efforts go almost completely unrecognized.


Tom Brady could lose money in the 2011-12 football season.


There might not even be a next season!

My response to this is: Aren’t there important public issues? The NFL is the most profitable professional league in the nation. Our efforts, our worries and our fears should be put more on the things that matter. We need to remember that whether it’s football, hockey, soccer, or baseball- it’s just a game in the end.

Use that controller that sits on the arm of your recliner, and change the channel off of Sports Center and onto something that matters. Or, if you must be constantly glued to ESPN, remove your eyes from Neil Everett every now and again to catch a glimpse from the passing score banner that has donation information minimally displayed.

Use $10 of the money that pays for your premium sports package to help those in dire need.

Yes, athletes, coaches, owners, fans and everyone else should take their eye off the ball for just long enough to catch a glimpse of the real world.

Its not all trophies, home runs and victories.