Localize It: This False Ghost releases their debut EP

To recreate one’s image, sound and overall look is a difficult task to take on, but it is one that the band This False Ghost has managed to pull off. Formerly known as Tamerlane to the Anchorage music crowd, these members have given their band a makeover, and are now releasing their first record as This False Ghost.

The EP, titled “Love Dies//Rewind,” is seven tracks that work together to show the new sound that This False Ghost now wants people to hear, and will be officially released on Feb. 14.

This False Ghost consists of four members: Kevin Skinner on bass, Caleb Diloreto on vocals, Noah Montenegro on guitar and Christain Childers on drums. Diloreto and Childers were both a part of Tamerlane, but with the addition of Skinner and Montenegro, felt another reason to change up the dynamic.

“I joined the band in the middle of last summer, when it was technically still Tamerlane. I got the opportunity to join the guys on tour this summer and play bass for them, but now that we have become This False Ghost, it really feels like our band, the four of us,” Skinner said.

This False Ghost describes themselves as a post hardcore emo band, with huge influences from bands such as Touche Amore, Thursday, Glass Jaw and Fugazi.

“We have our own definition of what our music sounds like, but its really up to the person who hears our music to decide what they like or who they think we sound like. We have some stuff that’s more melodic, and then also some stuff that is a lot more in your face and aggressive, so I think people can come up with a lot of different things to say in terms of who we sound like,” Montenegro said.

“Love Dies//Rewind” was recorded with Bloom To Fade Studios, a recording studio run by Demetrik Grissom. Members of This False Ghost wrote songs for the EP while they were on tour this past summer on the East Coast, before the official name change had happened. Recording for the EP began in December, and was finished in just a few weeks.

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“Before we began recording with Demetrik, we only had a two song demo which we had recorded previously. We knew we needed a better representation of us as a band, and we thought of Demetrik immediately because of his recording with the band Conscripts plus a few other local musicians. He has the production style that we really wanted, and this EP would be no where as professional sounding if it weren’t for him,” Diloreto said.

Once the EP is released, This False Ghost hopes to book as many shows as possible. The most important thing once the music is out there will be to show people who this band is, and their differences and improvements since the recording of that music.