Local ski resort opens their gates to Anchorage frolfers

Hole 13 rattles as a frisbee golf disk impacts its chains on June 7th. The course costs $5 for a day of play, and opened up this week. Photo by Daniel Jackson

Just days ago, Anchorage’s local ski resort, Hilltop, opened the mountain for a popular summer activity, Frisbee Golf (frolf).

Here at TNL we were quick to trade in our snowboards and skis for our brightly colored frolf disks.

The 18-hole course is the hardest in town, and was also the most work to finish. Frolfers hiked from hole to hole through the long grass to hear the simple clinking of disks hitting the metal basket.

This is not the course to play if you are looking for a quick game and leisurely stroll; this is the course to play if you would like to spend the afternoon or couple hours under the Alaskan sun hiking.

Be careful with your disks though, the grass is long and the plants can eat them up.

A bright colored disk is best, stay away from yellow and green disks (they tend to blend in).

Also, be careful with what you choose to wear on your feet. If you are like me, as soon as the sun hits Alaska and the snow melts, I slip into my flip-flops and spend my summer with dirty feet.

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When taking part in usual frolf games, I stay true to myself and walk leisurely in my trusty flip-flops. For this course I should have made an exception.

A nice pair of tennis shoes are the shoe for this game, aside from full-on hiking boots. Something with good traction, something that can keep your feet protected while you search for your disk in the long weedy grass.

The new Hilltop course is one of two in the city in which the frolfers are required to pay,so don’t forget five dollars.

It also offers the option of disk rentals, something that no other course in town offers.

For new frolfers, spend some time at an easier courses before tackling this one.

For those of you with more experienced get ready for a challenge.

Don’t forget a bottle of water; you’ll need it, and maybe an extra disk.