Local favorite Westchester Lagoon still strong

Westchester Lagoon, which opened as a frolf course in 2000, is one of the city’s oldest and most popular courses.

The course was recently revamped at the beginning of the summer for safety measures, and is now even more fun.

Rain or shine, the course is packed with small groups of people waiting their turn for the next hole. This can cause frustration for some; but just take a deep breath and take in the beautiful lagoon beside you.

The first three holes are fairly basic, located in slightly wooded areas, but aren’t too challenging. When you arrive at the fourth hole, the course gets a touch trickier as the targets are on elevated grounds. Hole six is a little easier, with the basket being in an open field.

The seventh hole is somewhat similar except the course is right next to the lagoon. Play it safe, don’t be sorry, and throw inwards to avoid the water. Watch unexpected curves and wind, it could take your disc right to the bottom of the lagoon.

If you do manage to avoid losing your disc, go over to the lagoon and check it out anyways, because at the bottom are tons of discs once lost. You could get lucky. One may have washed up close to shore and you can collect a new disc just in case you accidentally lose one of yours.

Holes eight and nine are basic, and unfortunately the end of the game. To frolf an eighteen-hole game head back to the beginning and do it over again.

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This course is one that all ages can try. Just be careful on the bike path that takes you from hole to hole because it is constantly busy with bikers, runners, and skaters.

Westchester is a great location to spend your evenings to relax from the work week and it is almost flawless. The only imperfection is the scattered piles of beer cans along the course. Unfortunately, almost every course in town has this problem, a ridiculous issue considering most courses (Westchester included) have trash cans. So if you find yourself being a litter bug, walk two steps farther to a trash can to throw your can or bottle away and keep the course clean for the next avid frolfers