Like rubbernecking a car crash, Palin hype still lingers

Can someone please tell me
why I’m still talking about Sarah
It’s not good talk either. I wish
I was writing that Gov. Palin held
a press conference to discuss the
foreseeable shortfalls in the state
budget-given both the steadily
declining price and demand for of
oil-but no such luck.
Instead, I feel as if I have to
address the “salacious nature” of
the governor’s media coverage,
because her office posted an official
press release on the state website
on just that topic-begging for
Can you believe that the
governor’s office had the audacity
to title the release “Governor
Palin Says to Media ‘There You
Go Again'”? Does our governor
really need her own catchphrase?
You betcha she does! Just like
she needed to name a petroleum
tax plan after her favorite hockey
team. Palin’s just quirky like
Before I comment on the press
release itself, I’d like to briefly
address Gov. Palin’s childlike
need for attention.
In the weeks following
presidential elections, there’s
always quite a bit of speculative
reporting concerning the outcome.
Gov. Palin seemed to milk this
post-election commentary period
as an excuse to extend her time
on the national stage, and distance
herself from the Straight-Talk
Express before its engines had
even cooled (I wouldn’t dare use
a corpse metaphor, it could be in
bad taste given McCain’s age).
To my great chagrin, for the
past three months, front and
center on any program that will
have her, is my state’s governor.
Gov. Palin’s latest debacle, this
documentary that she lent-likely
sold-her voice to, is partisan
propaganda trash. It’s so bad that
the very pollster the filmmaker
commissioned won’t even stand
behind his own results. The
pollster, Zogby, was ashamed
at the poll’s slant, but refused to
repeat the embarrassing Obama
voter poll with McCain voters,
even if paid to.
This is the kind of quality,
independent journalism Gov.
Palin lends her name to?
It was apparent from the
moment she seized upon John
McCain’s offer, Gov. Palin is a
go-getter. How can you hold that
against her? McCain may not have
been the right candidate to hitch
her star to, but I’m pretty sure that
if he had asked me, even I would
have agreed-who wouldn’t want
to be vice-president?
But in the press release, Gov.
Palin defends her derogatory
comments concerning Caroline
Kennedy’s prospective
appointment to the senate, and
derides the media for suggesting
that she was in any way criticizing
Ms. Kennedy. Can Gov. Palin not
see that any time a comparison is
drawn, with yourself as the victim,
it’s a subtly hostile maneuver?
Otherwise, why bother dragging
anyone else’s name into your
criticisms, or pointing fi ngers?
The statement went on to
complain about other media
injustices, such as the allegation
that the state delayed arresting
Levi Johnston’s mother, or that
Palin intervened to get Levi hired
with ASRC, even though he had
no high school diploma and it
might be a legal requirement of
the apprenticeship program.
The first allegation I could
honestly care less about, but the
second I do have some issues with.
Technically, Gov. Palin didn’t have
to actually lean on anyone to get
Levi hired, but does she honestly
believe she had no influence on
the situation? Do you know how
hard it is to get a job with ASRC?
Of course, Levi did what any
innocent man would do: tucked
his tail and quit his high paying
slope job.
On the other hand, I did enjoy
how the press release demoted
Dan Fagan from a person to a
generality: “an irresponsible talk
show host in Anchorage.” Palin
should just grow a pair and call
Dan Fagan a liar, if that’s what
she thinks. She had no problem
calling out the Anchorage Daily
News by name, after all.
And if you thought that Gov.
Palin couldn’t possibly cry foul
any harder, you’re mistaken. The
apparent source of the governor’s
outrage is the conspiracy theory
involving Trig’s birth. For some
reason, this little bit of speculation
just seems to drive Gov. Palin
Apparently, when the
Anchorage Daily News
considered doing a story on the
conspiracy theory-to show it
for the ridiculous rumor that it
is-the Palins’ misinterpreted
the situation as continued interest
in an obviously false story. The
fact that anyone could get so upset
at this suspected piece of trashy
journalism, at any “salacious”
coverage for that matter, is just
plain ridiculous.
I’ve got a press release for the
governor: Life isn’t fair, so don’t
expect the media to be. As a public
figure, it’s all part of the job. I’m
sorry, but hey, my job sucks too.
If nothing else, I hope that Gov.
Palin learns the “Girls Gone Wild”
lesson from this experience: don’t
just throw yourself at anyone with
a video camera. Next thing you
know, it’s all over the Internet
and you’re parents are very