‘Lazaretto’ proves Jack White’s musical genius

Release date:
Jack White
Blues Rock
June 10, 2014
4/5 stars

Jack White’s second album “Lazaretto” is something to either download or grab off the shelves of the store as soon as possible. With a little bit of everything, there’s at least one song on the album that everyone can enjoy.  With hard-hitting chords and head-nodding beats, this album is sure to impress. White told the Rolling Stone that the songs are inspired by short stories White wrote when he was 19.

The album opener, “Three Women,” discusses three love interests, of which the man is being chastised for and to which he has to say, “Well, these women must be getting something/Cause they come and see me every night.” The song is heavy with piano and has a bluesy feel to it.

The title track, which was the single that premiered before the album was released, is a true ear-pleaser. The instrumentals are quite masterful in the song. The lyrics are expertly strung together and are very clever, for example, “I’m so Detroit, I make it rise from the ashes.” This song is a little more rock and a little less blues in comparison to the opener.

The songs that follow build off of the previous two songs and either are blues or rock. There is, however, an upbeat-sounding song, “Alone in my Home,” that defies genre definition.

One of the most standout songs on the album, “High Ball Stepper,” is a purely instrumental song. It’s a perfect example of White’s genius in music and his ability to play many instruments. The song totals 3:54 in time, but unlike many instrumentals over three minutes, it doesn’t feel indulgent in the least.

The only downside to the album is that it ends on a sad note with the slow-paced “Want and Able” that reminds listeners that our wants can’t be met with our abilities to fulfill them.  The downer end puts a stop to the build of the other songs. If anything, the song serves as a resolution to the buildup of the album and in which case serves good purpose. Even though the song is a bit sad, it’s still well-made.

Overall, “Lazaretto” is beautifully put together, and Jack White further proves he has some major chops in the music world.