Laughing Kawhi, the latest laughing stock of the Twitter-sphere

During the Toronto Raptors’ media day on Sept. 24, new Raptor Kawhi Leonard was unveiled to the world, donning Toronto’s snazzy, red uniform. However, the other thing that was unveiled to the world — something no one asked for — was Kawhi Leonard’s laugh.

For those who do not know why this is such a spectacle, one must need to know a little backstory on NBA stud, Kawhi Leonard.

Kawhi was drafted by the Indiana Pacers with the 15th pick. He was subsequently traded to the San Antonio Spurs for, in retrospect, what seems like pocket change: looking at what Leonard has become. Coming out of San Diego State University, Leonard has always had the reputation of being quiet, socially awkward types.

Until a breakout performance against LeBron James and the Miami Heat that earned him Finals MVP and his first championship, a majority of the world knew Leonard as one of San Antonio’s quiet workhorses.

Despite blossoming into a two-time Defensive Player of the Year, perennial all-star and MVP candidate, Kawhi Leonard has always been known as San Antonio’s expressionless, well-oiled machine.

Kawhi is a man of few words who normally lets his game do the talking… except this time.

During his press conference with NBA TV, Kawhi Leonard bestowed this gift upon social media:

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What is it about this video that is so hilarious?

The seemingly internal struggle between Kawhi’s machine-like brain and his body? It is almost as if he forgot how to laugh while mid-laugh.

Perhaps the most hilarious thing about this snippet of Kawhi’s laugh is that it can be used in almost every situation involving fake laughs in awkward situations. It is almost a coincidence that is too good to be true.

Did the wife abruptly answer “one check,” when the waiter suggested it to be split? Insert Kawhi laugh here.

Did a customer just have the audacity to walk into your restaurant five minutes before closing? Insert Kawhi laugh here.

Did your professor just crack a joke to the class about someone getting a horrid grade on last week’s midterm, knowing that exam was definitely yours? Insert Kawhi laugh here.

Since the video emerged, older, rare snippets of Leonard laughing have resurfaced on Twitter, fueling even more meme-worthy roasts. One can only hope Leonard continues to show his glowing personality during interviews. It will truly be the gift that keeps on giving.

On behalf of social media: thank you, Kawhi Leonard. Good luck this season!