Lack of events from UAA Concert Board has students worried about semester fees

Being in college means high tuition prices, unexpected fees and a long list of semester expenses.

Students are obligated to pay for their classes, textbooks and a series of miscellaneous services, but many wonder why that is.

One of the fees students are required to pay for include a concert fee; students are required to pay $10 per semester, but many are unclear of where this fee actually goes.

Concert Board is a student fee funded program designed to offer discounted shows, concerts and entertainment.

The board normally hosts a minimum of one concert and one comedy show per semester. Last semester, the only show included A Cappella Festivella 23 in October.

In the spring of 2016, Concert Board hosted events including a showing of “20 Feet From Stardom” and comedian Demetri Martin.

Vice Chair of Concert Board, Arina Filippenko, said that students should not worry, because the board is working hard to get shows for this semester, having sent out a couple of offers just last week.

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“We have sent out various offers to artists and something has always come up; either we receive no response or the dates don’t work, so we are unable to find the specific equipment the artist wants since we are in Anchorage…so we are unable to host the artist,” Filippenko said.

The board’s website shows that in 1991, students proposed a five dollar fee that was later raised in spring 2009, to bring “big name entertainment to UAA.”

Without a show in the near future, students are wondering where the big name entertainment is.

“I think it’s unfair that students have to pay for things around campus that most of us don’t even use, we should at least be better informed of what it is we are paying for,” Bria Anderson, a health science major, said.

Most students are not shy to share their frustration dealing with the copious fees that they are expected to pay at the beginning of each semester.

“I wish you had the choice to pay which fees you would actually use because for commuters like me, we don’t use the gym or most of the unnecessary fees we are required to pay,” Maria Cucullu, an engineering major said.

Students at UAA are questioning where this concert fee goes, while no advertising of shows has appeared in what seems like a long time, but fees are continually being paid.

“I pay $10 a semester to the Concert Board, but I have never been to a concert, or even heard of a concert happening,” Anderson said.

Members of the Concert Board remain optimistic that offers follow through, and that they can give students the big name entertainment that they promised.