La Belle Couture: Pop ’til you drop

The past few weeks have been glorious sunshine and cheerful smiles.  But lately, the familiar “true Alaskan” summer gloom has set in. The lack of sun causes many people to have little motivation to dress their best. However, this is the perfect time to pull out bold colors to mix and match into any wardrobe.

If you are drawn to black and grays, pair those neutrals with a bright, cozy scarf or a colorful jacket.

Most people have at least one white tee as a staple item in their closets. Dress up the tee with a colorful pair of pants or jeans, a jacket and some loafers or Toms-brand shoes.  There are several different types of pants to consider: cigarette pants, harem pants and even cropped guachos when chosen wisely.  Whether sunny or cloudy, brightly colored pants are a constant trend.

Explore trends such as bold, high-waisted wide legs or to vivid cropped legs.

Piece those bright pants with that basic white tee — or a simple, chic top — which balances out the ensemble. Don’t forget to finish off with sexy pumps, simple sandals or shoes.

If your closets are overflowing with pants, jeans, shoes and much more— so it’s not very difficult to find a style in a hot color to accentuate your personality.  Always remember to pair bright colors with neutrals and other brights, bringing a burst of color to your wardrobe.

You might be confused and scared about how to put pieces together and match them so that you look fabulous instead of like a fashion faux pas.

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While keeping the Alaskan climate in mind, the color-popping trend can never go wrong. Worst that could happen is that you become the best-dressed person in the room.

If you’re new to the color pop, your first try doesn’t have to be incredibly bold. Start slow with a bright scarf, shoes and accessories. Women can choose a red or orange lipstick and loud eye color. Keep the rest of the face neutral in order to stay balanced. Men can try bright pants or shirts and consider a hat and jacket.

You cannot go wrong with this summer trend!