KRUA Album Review: ‘The Astronaut’

“The Astronaut” by Wax Fang is a concept album about a man falling into a black hole. The album progressively gets more and more experimental as it goes on, something that reflects the surreal nature of a black hole. One of the things that I really appreciate about the album is the way it tells its story. The vocals, what few there are, are largely reserved for the astronaut telling the listener what he thinks/feels, while the instruments tell the listener what the black hole is like. The album features amazing guitar work, excellent vocals, beautiful calm sections and wonderfully-fitting spacey electronic passages.

“The Astronaut” is the kind of album that you should listen to all the way through in one sitting. Personally, I find the album to be a very relaxing experience, despite some of the more intense sections. If you like psychedelic and prog rock, this is an album for you. Sit back, get some nice headphones and relax for the best experience.

William Jhonson

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