Kincaid: TNL’s final Frolf stop of summer

Located at the end of Raspberry Road is Kincaid Park, and the home to the second most challenging disc golf course in the city of Anchorage. Now its no Hilltop, in difficulty but up until Hilltop opened in early June the course held the bar for hard core frolfing.

The distance from tee to hole to the next tee is quite a distance for every hole so even if the course is busy the groups of frolfers get pretty spread out. Which is nice, it gets rid of the feeling of being rushed to hurry through the hole.

Even though the course is challenging, there is truly something for everyone. Amateur tee’s and pro tee’s depending on what caliber of player you determine you are. This will also very the par depending on which tee who chose to start fun.

What is surprising is despite the fact that the course is in the wilderness the bugs really are not bad. And the trails from each hole are nicely groomed.

The view is also remarkable. If you look into the bay Fire Island is in clear view.

Well ladies and gentleman this wraps up our summer course reviews. There is still time to go out and enjoy the summer weather with your pals and your frolf discs.

Here is a list of some courses around the Anchorage are, some of which TNL didn’t have time to review.

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1.Hilltop Ski Are

2.Hanshew Middle School

3.Robert Service High school

4.Peters Creek

5.Alyeska Ski Area

6.Westchester Lagoon

7.Kincaid Park

8.Fort Richardson

9.Russian Jack Springs

10.Girdwood DGC

11.Schroder Park

12.Eagle River High School