Kappa Sigma fraternity is the latest addition to Greek Life

After four long years, Kappa Sigma fraternity is finally being noticed by the University of Alaska Anchorage as an addition to the Greek Council.

School doesn’t always have to be all work and no play; that’s why UAA encourages participation in Greek Life. The student Greek Life program encourages students to be involved at the university as well as in the Anchorage community.

That is why the Greek council is considering the addition of UAA’s newest fraternity: Kappa Sigma.

Currently, UAA is lacking numbers in its Greek Life program. The campus has two sororities, Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma and only one fraternity,Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Four years ago a few good friends decided UAA needed one more fraternity and it was up to them to make it happen. They were determined to open an Alaska chapter of Kappa Sigma. After massive amounts of hard work, projects, and fundraisers, Kappa Sigma was finally recognized by the national committee as an official fraternity last year.

Brought to America in 1869 by William Grigsby McCormik, Kappa Sigma is one of the most preferred college fraternities in the world that is based on fellowship, leadership, scholarship and service. This is exactly what these boys were aiming to bring to UAA when they started their fraternity.

“We are a community service fraternity,” George Brandenburg, one of the original founding fathers, said. “We offer ourselves up to anybody that needs work done.”

Kappa Sigmas volunteers at many nonprofit organizations such as the Food Bank. From painting buildings to raking yards, they do it all.

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Being the “new frat on the block,” Kappa Sigma has only 20 members, most of whom are the original founding fathers including Joseph Galindez, Edgar Tinajero, Bryan Abrego, Simon Levy, Jesse Staha, Luke Holtzhowzer and Anthony Augusto.

Half of the current members are the brothers who originally created the fraternity. Although they have a solid group of men, they still rush with the goal of establishing themselves as a strong, well-known fraternity on campus. Kappa Sigma just had its first rush, which Brandenburg believes went really well as they pledged six more members.

Brandenburg was unsure about joining when he first heard about the fraternity, until he realized that they weren’t just any ordinary college frat.

“I saw them beginning to regulate the people who wanted in,” he said. “They got rid of people who wouldn’t have been a good brother; I realized then that it would be more about the hard work than just a brotherhood based on social gatherings.”

Brandenburg said they are a bunch of good friends working together to organize fun events for everyone.

“We like to organize events, big ones to get everyone on campus involved,” he said.

Students may recall the annual barbecue at Goose Lake for Campus Kickoff, which was hosted by Kappa Sigma.

“We want to establish ourselves as hard workers,” Brandenburg said. “We want to be out there and be apart of the community.”

When it all comes down to it they are just a group of guys working together to get established and out in the community while also having a great time.

They are working hard and living life according to their secret motto: “AEK?B.”

Brandenburg refused to comment on this, laughing it off saying, “It’s just a ‘fraternity thing.’”