Jackass becomes heartfelt with ‘Bad Grandpa’

jackass-presents-bad-grandpa-610x953Jackass and heartwarming — the world thought it wasn’t possible, but in “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa,” Jackass pulls on the viewers’ heartstrings and proves they are more than just a stunt gang. That’s not to say the movie doesn’t have Jackass’s signatures, because when moviegoers aren’t feeling for the characters, they are either being offended or laughing their asses off.

“Bad Grandpa” is a heartwarming tale of an adorable 8-year-old boy, Billy (Jackson Nicoll, “Funsize”), whose drug addict mom has landed in jail and must be taken cross-country by his 86-year-old grandfather to his good-for-nothing father (Greg Harris). The grandfather, Irving (Johnny Knoxville, “The Last Stand”), does not want to take Billy and makes bad choice after bad choice when his grandson is in his care. Along the way, however, Irving starts to really care for Billy.

The movie is filmed without many of the featured people’s knowledge, making the reactions to Irving and Billy’s shenanigans real and genuine. There is nothing more hilarious than watching the faces of the bystanders in the film as Irving and Billy steal, drink, carry a “dead” body, strip and go crazy in all meanings of the word. And even though the audience knows that Irving and Billy are just characters, it’s hard not to be shocked and appalled by the actions of the two while knowing the extras in the film have no clue. Many of the scenes can even make you jump more than a horror/suspense film.

Jackass also did a great job during the credits in showing everyone being told that they just witnessed acting. It was funny seeing their embarrassment at not knowing it was fake or that they were being filmed. There was also a scene of Jackson Nicholl’s dad dressing in his son’s costume for the film and surprising Jackson. Seeing his reaction and seeing him hug his dad was very cute.

Overall the film was a great watch. It’s definitely worth getting together a group of friends to go see. Viewers will leave the theater laughing and reminiscing at the screwball antics of the Jackass crew.

Film: “Bad Grandpa”
Release Date: Oct. 25, 2013
Director: Jeff Tremaine
Starring: Johnny Knoxville, Jackson Nicholl, Greg Harris
Rating: 5/5 


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