Overtime: It’s the most wonderful time of the year

OvertimeNo, it’s not time for Santa and Yuletide carols. I actually don’t even know what Yuletide means. But one thing I do know is it’s October, and I’m excited!

This is the best time of the year to be a sports fan. Although October is traditionally reserved for baseball postseason excitement, the month is also a reason for fans of every sport to get pumped.


Baseball and the Fall Classic

A long time ago — in a galaxy far, far away — baseball was the most popular sport in the country. At least it feels like that time is a universe away now. Despite what the name might imply, baseball die-hards actually are a dying breed.

But although the NFL has surpassed Major League Baseball as the nation’s top league, October is still a showcase for the best baseball of the year.

This year’s World Series matchup is guaranteed to pair up two great fan bases; the LA Dodgers play the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL and the Detroit Tigers take on the Boston Red Sox in the AL.

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No matter what teams advance, the fans in those cities will show up big time for the Fall Classic.


NFL and NCAA Football in full swing

Football season, at all levels, is so highly anticipated that it really feels like the year flies by and it’s over before Johnny Football knows it. #blackout

The NFL and NCAA seasons are both reaching their halfway points, and it’s important to stop and appreciate the tailgating and Sunday fundays while you still can. Even more so if you root for anyone besides Denver or Alabama, because you can lock those up.

And don’t forget fantasy football season either!

A census of close friends, who also happen to lead secret lives as fantasy football managers, shows that Fantasy Draft Day is quickly surpassing the Super Bowl as the best sports day of the year.

Take that, Joe Flacco-Colin Kaepernick McDonald’s commercials! #blackout #ImNOTlovinit


Puck time, bro!

October even manages to keep our Canuck neighbors happy as the puck drops to signal the start of the NHL season.

And even sports fans who aren’t particularly passionate about penalty minutes and forechecks can still appreciate a SportsCenter top 10 highlight of a Bromie going bar deezy! In the five-hole! On the top shelf! Where Momma keeps the baking powder!


Hoops on the horizon

But if your Bauers are rusty or you’re not pigskin savvy, October also brings with it the first hints of hoops season.

NBA regular season games traditionally tip off around Halloween but the preseason is underway and already supplying us with plenty of questions:

Can LeBron and the Heat win the Finals for a third year in a row? Does Dwight Howard make the Houston Rockets an instant contender? Has anyone seen Lamar Odom in the last 24 hours?