TNL Columnists Debate Islamaphobia


Islamic violence justifies ‘Islamophobia’
By Daniel McDonald

“In the past month the world witnessed two barbaric acts of terrorism in the name of Islam. Arid Uka shot and murdered two U.S. soldiers and seriously wounded two others at an airport in Frankfurt while shouting the all too familiar “Allahu Akbar.” Oddly enough, the Obama administration was incapable of labeling this a terrorist act and chose to play its usual politically correct game by tiptoeing around the issue. The President called it a “tragic incident” which was just another “isolated” case in a list that includes the Fort Hood shooting and failed Times Square and underwear bombings…”

Comments to the article:

By John: “As someone who has a family with ties to the Arab world and Islam, I’ve always wanted to believe that thoughts like this are “pure ignorance.” However, that is not the case. Check this website out. The guy who set up this site is an ex-Muslim and has had the site up for 10 or so. No one has been able to disprove his accusations against the Prophet Muhammad. If their prophet acted like a monster, it speaks volumes about their religion.”

By Steve: ” I don’t totally agree with the article, nor do I agree with the guy calling it “pure ignorance”. The KKK labels themselves at christians yet every time they commit a crime it’s not labeled as “christian terrorism”. I don’t think you can take a series of crimes and pick the religion as the common denominator. Especially when there’s a bigger root to all these crimes and that is education…”

By James Manson: “Well, Bosnia if full of peaceful Muslims. And what did it get them? They were slaughtered like sheep by Christian Serbs. Once again Bosnia is at peace, thanks to US intervention. The Muslims are forgiving and extending the olive branch and the Christian Serbs are doing their psychological preparation of young people for the day when the last US soldier leaves…”

Reply: “Islamic Violence Justifies Islamophobia
By Brett Frazer

“It’s articles like this that exacerbate existing tensions between Muslims and the Western world.  There are three claims made in the article. First, that the Obama Administration has handled the Arid Uka incident inappropriately. Second, that moderate Muslims are somehow complicit in acts of terror carried out by Islamic extremists (this is a very bizarre claim to make, given that most of the victims of terrorism have been moderate Muslims living in the Middle East and Pakistan). And third, that “Violent Jihadism” defines mainstream Islam, and thus Islam in the 21st century is a “sadomasochistic religion of the vicious…”

Comments to the article:

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By Sacom: “Unfortunately the Muslim world is not, cannot or is unwilling do enough to curtail the violence unleashed on the world by radical or criminal extremist. In addition, the well-documented and pervasive mistreatment (by western standards) of women, children and gays in the more primitive parts of Muslim world tends to exacerbate the feelings of Islamophobia in the west. To make matters worse, most modern and primitive Muslim countries openly advocate the destruction of Israel and anyone who supports that country. While Christian groups have had their day practicing violence, they are now dealt with swiftly within those modern societies as they should be…”


Islam’s history supports modern violence
By Daniel McDonald

“The first issue raised is that articles criticizing Islam “exacerbate existing tensions between Muslims and the Western world.” Exacerbating tensions with Muslims is actually a very easy task; just ask the staff of the Danish newspaperJyllands-Posten. They had a slight cultural misunderstanding in 2005, after publishing a dozen or so cartoons depicting the never-to-be-depicted Prophet Muhammad. In response, the practitioners of the “religion of peace” set Danish embassies aflame in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran, and nearly 100 people were killed…”

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