Honors discussed, more money given to Student Discount Program

Student Leadership Coordinator

Student Leadership Honors applications are now available. All graduating UAA seniors are eligible for leadership honors if they have completed two consecutive semesters of leadership service for an associate of arts degree or four consecutive semesters for a bachelor’s of arts degree. Coordinator Diane Kozac said leadership service includes event organization, club leadership, sports, recreation and leadership or participation in other UAA organizations. The application deadline is March 4.

Applications for student commencement speaker are also available.

Representative Reports

Residence Hall Association

RHA is currently seeking candidates for its executive board.

Board of Cultural Awareness

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BCA is hosting a Cultural Awareness Fair April 2 at 6 p.m. in the Lucy Cuddy Center. The event is free.

Executive Reports

Presidential Report

President Chris Hall reported that 4,670 students used the $10 printing allocation on their WOLFcards. After increasing USUAA fees, student government has $17,000 more in its budget. Hall suggested committees estimate their budgets for the spring semester and request funds.

Hall met with a bookstore representative Dec. 13 to discuss book-order timing, textbook and materials bundling, unused textbooks, new editions, changing required texts after ordering and adopting texts for extended periods of time for courses. Hall suggested a resolution be put forth by USUAA about the situation.

Hall met with business services director Bill Spindle to discuss decreasing student boredom on campus. Spindle suggested moving some of the weekly USUAA meetings to the Commons.

At the Jan. 13 UA Assembly meeting, Hall met with a committee and the chancellor to discuss making UAA a “town square.” One suggestion was to adopt a university in a tsunami-affected region. Hall intends to contact assistant professor Hermann Gruenwald, who recently volunteered in Thailand with disaster relief, about what UAA can do.

Tanaina Childcare Development Center has increased tuition by $100 per month. Parents of students at Tanaina contacted Hall about the increase and Hall took the information to a board of directors meeting where the suggestion to implement a graduated fee system was approved.

Committee Reports

Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs reported that both its fall semester 2004 goals were met. The committee’s goals were to promote the campus safety escort program and run a feasibility survey of extending Seawolf Shuttle service to Merrill Field. The committee is also planning the Last Frontier Leadership Conference this semester.

New Business

Assembly Bill 05-08 requesting $3,000 from the USUAA contingency fund for the preparation and shipping of Student Discount Program cards was approved.

Luke Thomas’ petition onto the senate was accepted and Thomas was sworn in. Thomas, a business management major and second year student, listed his strengths in affiliation with various student organizations on campus, including Greek Life and being a resident advisor in East Hall.

Person to be heard not on the Agenda

Sen. Chris Bauer, former RHA representative, was sworn in.

For the Good of the Order

Two resignations were accepted from the Activities Committee.