Grilled cheese and tomato soup bread bowl

One of the most popular comfort foods, grilled cheese is a classic favorite enjoyed by young and old. Easy to prepare and with less than five ingredients, this recipe is a staple for when the temperatures drop and the cabin fever sets in.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup bread bowl
Keep your soup warm this winter with an all-in-one meal take on a classic comfort food, tomato soup bread bowls. Photo credit: Victoria Petersen


Large round bread loaf (any kind of bread)

One Campbell’s canned tomato soup

Five slices or two cups shredded cheese (personal preference — cheddar)

Two tablespoons of butter

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1. Open your can of soup and pour into a saucepan. Cook per the directions on the can.

2. Take your bread loaf and turn it on its side like a wheel. Slice the top off, about the first inch.

3. Place loaf back down and cut out a circle about 3/4 deep into the bread bowl. Scoop this potion out until the loaf is hollow.

4. Line the inside of the bread bowl with the cheese of your choice. Place in the oven on 350 degrees and leave in for about seven minutes.

5. During this time, you can cut the bread that was hollowed out of the loaf into slices of bread. Once this is done, butter each slice and place into a frying pan for grilling.

6. Place cheese on the open side of the grilled slices and flip when each side of the slices are golden brown.

7. Stir the soup and let simmer until grilled cheese sandwiches are done.

8. Take the bread bowl out of the oven and pour the tomato soup into it.

9. Serve the grilled cheese with the bread bowl. Enjoy.